Gravitas Ventures has released the first trailer for Light Years, the coming-of-age comedy with Andrew Lauren and DJ Gugenheim at Andrew Lauren Productions and Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin’s Free Association producing and Colin Thompson directing. The film follows a thirty-something-year-old as he embarks on a cosmic vision quest.

Thompson also stars in the pic alongside Christopher Gray, Jennifer Lafleur, Makenzie Leigh, Russell Posner and Libby Winters. The story of how the film came together has its own, over-coming-the-odds feel to it as Thompson did everything from overcoming hurdles in post-production due to the COVID-19 pandemic to Thompson having to play a number of characters to cover the actors not able to partake in filming to the script eventually finding its way into the hands of Free Association.

In these trying times when even the most sure thing tentpoles are up in the air of where and when they end up and if they will ever see the light of day, Light Years is an example that even the smallest indie can find its way to an audience.

The film will be available on SVOD on Nov. 17.

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