Has anybody else memorized, hm, about 10 or more TikTok dances in the last four months? Yeah, you’re not alone. Which is why we decided to put the Merrell Twins to the test. Do you think they can pull off some super popular choreo from le Tok in 60 seconds? NBD, right?

We started off Vanessa Merrell with a tough one. There were some pretty detailed moves and it didn’t really help that the music was super fast, but she did better than I ever could in just a single minute! Meanwhile, for Veronica’s first round, we actually gave her an easy one. Most of the choreography was identical to the macarena so it wasn’t too hard to learn—you just have to re-live your middle school dance days. **shudders**

Unforch for the twins, the next set of dances were much harder than the first ones we had them doing. There was an impressive amount of Beychella-level choreography that it was a lot to take in with such little time. Even though their performance rounds for their second TikTok dances weren’t exactly on point, they pulled it off! Fake it ’till you make it, people.

If you’re wondering how they did in the last series of dances we gave them, then you’re just going to have to watch the rest to find out! Oh! And make sure you try their TikTok Challenge they came up with to their song Internet Crush. Don’t forget to tag them so they can see your moves.

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