The Line Of Duty star claimed their situations are “identical” because she has three kids to look after and a mortgage to pay. 

But the highly-paid actress was blasted for the comparison. 

One critic wrote: “Try doing a nurse’s job and then say you are exactly like one.” 

Another said: “I like her but a successful actress comparing themselves to a nurse just makes her look ridiculously entitled.”

“That’s the real bubble, your life. Whatever you do – if you’re a nurse – you go into that bubble.”

After the interviewer said he was surprised to hear the comparison, Keeley said: “We’re exactly the same. We’re identical.” 

She later claimed to have been “misquoted”, writing on Twitter: “I would not compare myself to a nurse any more than I would compare myself to a nuclear physicist.” 

She added that nurses are “superheroes”.

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