Blueface‘s jeweler wants to make it crystal clear, the rapper doesn’t owe him any money — contrary to the online digs from Tekashi 6ix9ine … and Tekashi can go shove it, according to the jeweler.

We got Gavriel D., the founder and CEO of NYC Luxury, Monday in NYC … and he stopped to give us the 411 on Blueface tatting the name of Gavriel’s company on the side of his head.

You’ll recall the “Bleed It” rapper raised eyebrows last week with the tat on his dome, and drew Tekashi out of his troll hole to comment. He insinuated Blueface is broke and can’t afford to pay for his bling, so he turned to human billboarding.

Gavriel says that’s total BS … and says there’s only one logical explanation for the tat — Blueface loves the brand!!! It’s true. Blueface is known for giving his favorite brands serious real estate space on his dome. He’s done it with Corvette and Yves Saint Laurent.

The celeb jeweler also told us a while back he joked with Blueface about his Corvette tattoo and that he should get an NYC Luxury one too. We’re told Blueface one day, out of the blue, FaceTimed him and voilà … there he was on the table getting the tattoo done.

And, how’s this for a zinger … Gavriel claims Tekashi’s desperately tried to line up some jewelry from him — even before Blueface’s head tattoo — but, to no avail.

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