Billie Eilish recently shared an “angry” post seeking justice for Rayshard Brooks, who was fatally shot by Atlanta police on Friday night.

“Man F**K,” Eilish wrote in an Instagram post alongside a photo of Brooks. “Watching this video made me so f**king angry. F**K THIS SHIT. JUSTICE FOR RAYSHARD BROOKS. F**K THIS SHIIIIIIIIT. #justiceforrayshard !!!! WHY ISNT EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS??”

Brooks was shot to death by Atlanta police in a confrontation after he was found asleep inside his car in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s fast food restaurant.

Eilish’s brother Finneas also wrote on Instagram, “Justice for Rayshard. This is so f**ked up man. And such a good example of EXACTLY what’s so f**ked up about the police in America.
Asleep in his car in a parking lot. Shot to death. Don’t let yourself be numb to this. Don’t let the world stay this way.”

(Photo: Lars Crommelinck)

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