This Fashion Nova swimsuit is one of the most-loved cossies on Instagram.

The one-piece has been worn by dozens of influencers this spring – but you’d have to be brave to replicate the look.

As well as having a high-leg cut, the cossie features a plunging neckline.

You’d certainly risk a wardrobe malfunction if you dared to wear it outside.

Fashion Nova is selling its Marbella Swimsuit for £24.

Its low-cut neckline and dental floss fit would ensure the wearer stands out at any pool party.

They probably wouldn’t want to splash around though, as this could cause your curves to spill out of it.

The garment is available in black, orange, yellow and pink – although the darkest shade seems to be the most popular.

Countless Instagram stars have rocked the cossie on recent holidays, racking up thousands of likes for their pictures.

One of these lovely ladies is Adèle Grisoni, who sported the one-piece during a trip to Marrakech.

The brunette bombshell looked stunning in the saucy swimwear as she basked on Nikki Beach.

Her 807,000 followers seemed to be fans of the look, with 38,000 of them liking an Instagram picture of her.

Many also took the time to leave a comment, with one responder branding Adèle a “beautiful woman”.

Another said: “Your body is popping in that suit.”

A third added: “This has stunning written all over it.”

Briana Bette and Tiona Fernan received an equally positive response when they donned the Marbella Swimsuit.

The former oozed glamour as she stepped out of the pool in the plunging cossie.

Meanwhile, the latter gave the one-piece a whirl as she relaxed in a hot tub.

While the swimwear struggled to support the ladies’ curves, they managed to avoid any wardrobe mishaps.

But sadly, other fashion fans don’t think they’d be as lucky.

When the official Fashion Nova page shared a picture of the beachwear, some shoppers didn’t think they could pull it off.

One responder said: “Yeah. This definitely won’t look like that on me.”

Another wrote: “You’d have to have confidence at 1000.”

A third admitted: “If only I had this confidence.”

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