THE face you notice first in this mind boggling optical illusion could reveal a lot about you.

At first glance, many may just notice a tree, but there are a total of five different mugs in this dreamy nature scene.

Peaceful face

If you noticed the peaceful face below the tree first, it indicates that you are smart and always think ahead.

You're able to analyse situations easily, but want peace in your life.

As for your love life, you cannot plan everything properly – which could lead to disagreements.

Man in the tree

If you saw the man's face hidden in the tree leaves, you're probably antisocial and prefer to observe from a distance.


You have razor-sharp vision if you spot the hedgehog among the trees in 12 secs

You have 20/20 vision if you spot the mouse hiding in the kitchen in 13 secs

In order to build a good relationship, you may need to break down the walls you've built up around you.

You may have a fear of rejection, but you should open up more to truly experience life.

Mother and child

If you saw the mother and child in the photo, you may rely on your family's opinions too much.

Prioritising your family is important, but you shouldn't let it interfere with your other relationships and what you want in life.

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A person picking fruit

Some may have noticed the person picking fruitCredit: jagranjosh

If you noticed the person picking fruit, you are probably overambitious in your career.

While being motivated is great, don't let it get in the way of your personal life and relationships.

Ensure to remind those around you how important they are to you, and strike up a balance of work and play.

Flying birds

If you noticed the birds first, you're most likely a day dreamer with your head in the clouds.

This dream like quality is great, but make sure to check into reality once in a while.

You're able to turn a boring place into a peaceful, safe environment for others.

If you were a fan of that optical illusion, why not try this one which reveals if you're kind or secretive?

The colourful piece of art may just look like an unusual painting, but what you spot first can say a lot about you.

If you can find the bear's bow tie in this pic in under 20 seconds, you're smarter than most.

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