A WOMAN needed hospital treatment for horror wounds on her wrists after chaining herself to her boyfriend in the "ultimate show of love".

Viktoria Pustovitova, 28, and Alexander Kudlay, 33, made themselves inseparable on Valentine’s Day and claim to have mastered most problems from being so "up close" to each other. 

The barmy pair want to stay welded together for three months, but Viktoria developed “very painful’ burns on her wrist from the chain that binds her to her boyfriend. 

“We smeared on ointment but it did not bring any result,” said Alexander. 

“It is a nightmare.”

The couple, from Kharkiv in Ukraine, went to hospital and Viktoria was told to wear a tight bandage. 

Dermatologist Tatyana Egorova warned them on 360TV that they may have to abort their experiment of living close for three months. 

"These are ulcers from prolonged contact with metal, from constant clamping of the tissues, leading to circulatory disorders,” she said. 

They say they have mastered going to the toilet, washing dishes, cooking food, and driving in their car.

The main problem is using a toilet in a restaurant or public place.

Viktoria insists on using the female loo, but there have been complaints when she brings him too. 

They continue to work – he sells car parts online, while beautician Viktoria is “training” during their lockdown in a lockdown. 

The couple has refused to reveal details of  their sex lives while clasped together. 

"We do not speak about this,” they said. 

Alexander admitted their record attempt was his idea after claiming that his girlfriend used to move out after “the slightest quarrel”.

“I jokingly said – ‘I'll tie you up.

“‘Why do you need all this running around?’

“In the end we did so. 

“Viktoria didn't really agree at first, but I convinced her.”

Their chain is welded together, and would need the emergency services to cut open. 

 The couple wear specially developed clothing, with zips from top to bottom enabling them to dress and undress without  Houdini-like contortions. 

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