A WOMAN allegedly stabbed her mum until her eyes popped out and her head came off, a court has heard.

Jessica Camilleri, 27, is accused of murdering Rita, 57, by decapitation in Australia after her mum paid a medium £1,000 to oust a ‘demon’ from her daughter, the trial was told.

Rita's decapitated head was found on the footpath near her home, in front of a neighbour's house.

The remainder of the grandmother's body was found in parts on the kitchen floor, including the tip of her nose, eyeballs and tongue, Crown Prosecutor Tony McCarthy told the jury.

The NSW Supreme Court has heard horrific details of the gory murder on the opening day of Ms Camilleri's trial, reports News.com.au.

Jessica Camilleri has pleaded not guilty to the July 2019 murder of her mum in Sydney.

It is not contested that Ms Camilleri – aged 25 when she allegedly murdered her mother – did behead her.

Her defence lawyers say that psychiatric illness caused a substantial impairment upon her mind at the time.

Rita had been so desperate to help her daughter that she paid a medium $2,500 (£1,000) to “get the demon out” of her, the court heard.

She took her to a female “spirit communicator” as "she was desperate for anything to help", a friend of Rita and her other daughter, Kristy Torrisi, said.

The trial has heard that she enjoyed horror movies including the Jeepers Creepers film franchise.

This is based on a flesh-eating demonic creature, known as the ‘creeper’, who devours people to replace its own body parts.

Chilling Facebook posts showed how she was obsessed with horror films, including the blood-filled Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which she described as her favourite, the court heard.

“A feature of these movies was killing people violently and dismembering their bodies,” Mr McCarthy said.

"You'll hear the accused say, 'I just kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing her, I took off her head'," he told the jury.

The prosecutor added: "She immediately told them she had killed her mother and pointed out the head that was on the footpath.

"She repeatedly asked if someone could be brought back to life if the head was cut off and her mother's heart restarted.

"The accused said she wanted to give the deceased a taste of her own medicine."

"She also said she took her mother's head with her to show her neighbour," he said.

Mr McCarthy said that Ms Camilleri “had a lengthy history of assaulting people”.

Her mum was described as “overly protective and defensive” of her.

On the night of her death, Ms Camilleri phoned the emergency services and said she was acting in self-defence.

She claimed her mum had grabbed her by the hair, dragged her to the kitchen and tried to stab her first, reports ABC News.

Multiple knives were found at the bloody scene, some of which were broken.

When cops arrived at the family home, they found Ms Camilleri covered in blood.

She was clutching a bottle of water.

During a police interview, Ms Camilleri said her mum had been stabbed 85 times, ABC adds.

Her sister, Kristy Torrisi, told the court: "She liked horror movies where there was killing.

"She would rewind to certain parts."

The jury heard how Ms Camilleri would prank call strangers, to make threats against them.

She had previously attacked an aunt and her mum-in-law by ripping out their hair, Ms Torrisi added.

Mr McCarthy said the random phone calls included threats to cut off people’s heads with a knife.

Defence counsel Nathan Steel told the jury to put emotion and sympathy to one side.

“Due to the effects of her mental conditions, she had an impaired capacity at the time of the events,” he added.

The court was told that Ms Camilleri had been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, a "mild to moderate" intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.

Her sister said she had been bullied at school.

The trial is expected to continue for five days.

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