LORD Lucan’s ultimate fate is still a mystery, but we do know what happened to his wife, Veronica. 

Here’s what we know about Lady Lucan…

Who was Lady Lucan?

Lord Lucan's wife Veronica Duncan was born in 1937 to Major Charles Moorhouse Duncan and his wife Thelma.

She worked as a secretary and model in London before her sister's marriage introduced her to London's high society

Veronica met John Bingham the 7th Earl of Lucan, known as Lord Lucan, at at a golf function  in early 1963.

Their engagement was announced in October of the same year and they married in November.

Veronica inherited the title the Countess of Lucan when they tied the knot.

What happened to Lady Lucan?

She was attacked on the same night as the family's nanny Sandra Rivett was murdered in 1974.

Sandra, 29, was found bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe in the basement of the Lucan's home in Belgravia, central London.

Veronica, 37 at the time, was also attacked and ran into a nearby pub covered in blood screaming for help.

She was found dead after police battered down the door of her Belgravia home in September 2017.

Her son George Bingham, the 8th Earl Lucan, told the Daily Mail: "She passed away at home, alone and apparently peacefully.

"Police were alerted by a companion to a three-day absence and made entry."

In inquest concluded the following January that she had committed suicide with a cocktail of drink and drugs after believing she had developed Parkinson's disease.

Who was Lord Lucan and what happened to him?

John Bingham the 7th Earl of Lucan, known as Lord Lucan, was an aristocrat and professional gambler who vanished while under suspicion of killing his children's nanny after mistaking her for his estranged wife.

Born in London in December 1934 he was evacuated during World War Two, when he was six, first to Wales and then North America.

He was separated from his family for five years before returning to Britain to attend Eton School.

Lucan was 6ft 2ins tall with a distinctive moustache.

After a big win Lucan dubbed "Lucky Lucan" by pals quit his job as a merchant banker and became a professional gambler.

His luck quickly changed and he ran up large debts.

The couple later became estranged with Veronica being granted custody of their three children and filing for divorce.

On November 7 1974 it's alleged that Lucan went to the family home and bludgeoned the family nanny, Sandra Rivett, to death with a lead pipe.

It's thought he may have mistaken the nanny, 29, for his wife, then 37, who was also attacked at the Belgravia house and fled to a nearby pub.

She would later identify Lucan as her attacker.

Lucan vanished after the attack and his disappearance has remained an unsolved mystery for more than 40 years.

At the time of his disappearance the couple were estranged and Veronica had filed for divorce.

The couple had three children son George and daughters Frances and Camilla.

George inherited the family title in 2016 after a judge issued a death certificate for his father.

Over the years there have been numerous alleged sightings of Lord Lucan including in Africa, India, and New Zealand but none have ever been verified.

In 1975 an inquest jury ruled that he had killed Ms Rivett.

Lord Lucan was legally declared dead in 1999 but no formal death certificate was issued until 2016 – nearly 42 years after he vanished.

How long were Lord and Lady Lucan married and did they have children?

Lord and Lady Lucan were married in November 1963.

News of their engagement appeared in The Times and The Daily Telegraph newspapers on 14 October 1963.

The couple honeymooned in Europe, travelling first class on the Orient Express.

The couple had three children.

George was born in 1967, followed by Camilla in 1970.

After these births Veronica suffered post-natal depression.

Not much is known about the couples youngest child.


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