A white NYPD cop says a black lieutenant supervisor harassed her for dating an African American man — calling her “Kardashian chic” and saying any kids she had with her boyfriend would look “messed up,” a new lawsuit says.

Officer Vanessa Weinbel of Police Service Area 9 in Flushing, Queens, alleges in the Brooklyn federal suit that female Lt. Rasheena Huffman made the offensive comments to her in the presence of senior officers.

Huffman allegedly told Weinbel that she should feel “lucky” that she isn’t physically harmed by a white man because “they’re tired of seeing black men with white women.

“People should stick with their own because your kids won’t come out right or look like you,” Huffman added to Weinbel, according to court papers.

Weinbel says Huffman once filed a false complaint against her over clothing that Huffman deemed “too revealing” — telling a lieutenant at PSA 9 that Weinbel’s body is “too curvaceous” and that she is trying to “seduce the male officers with the size of her butt,” the documents say.

After Huffman physically bumped into Weinbel in a locker room, Weinbel alleges, she tried to take her concerns to her superior officers. But the higher-ups merely changed Weinbel’s tour instead of taking action against Huffman — and told her to “stop taking everything so personal,” the suit says.

“Pretend [Huffman] is a pile of s–t in the street and walk over her,” Lt. Hwan Kim allegedly told Weinbel, according to the suit.

Weinbel is suing the NYPD, city, Huffman, Kim and three male officers at PSA 9.

Weinbel alleges that she endured Huffman’s harassment from July 2016 through March 2018.

The city Law Department, NYPD and Huffman did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Kim was unable to be reached.

Weinbel filed a notice of claim last year alerting the city to her upcoming lawsuit and saying she would be seeking $15 million in damages. But her lawsuit does not specify a damages amount.

Eric Sanders, a former cop and a lawyer representing Weinbel, said his client still works at PSA 9 and that Huffman was transferred elsewhere in the department sometime last year. He said his client is still seeing the same boyfriend.

“It’s disturbing that you go to work and have to be subjected to this,” Sanders said. “They call [the NYPD] a paramilitary organization, yet you have a bunch of clowns who work there.

“This is what gives the police department a bad image.”

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