MILLIONAIRE businessman Andy Bush was shot dead at his Malaga apartment. 

The dad was murdered by "jealous" ex-girlfriend Mayka Kukucova six months after their split – we look at the events leading up to the crime.

Who was Andy Bush? 

Andy Bush, from Bristol, was a businessman and millionaire known as the "Bling of Marbella". 

He was well known in his home town for running his jewellery business and was previously married to former BBC radio presenter Sam Mason.

What happened to Andy Bush? 

Bush was shot dead by his model ex-girlfriend Mayka Kukucova in 2014. 

At the time of his killing, he was at his mansion near Malaga, on the Costa del Sol.

Slovakian national Kukucova, 31, waited in the bed of the businessman at his Spanish villa before fatally shooting him three times in April 2014. 

Who is Mayka Kukucova? 

Mayka was a model who was previously in a relationship with Bush. 

After the killing, she escaped to her home country 2,000 miles away but was caught and then jailed for 15 years in May 2016. 

She then had her sentence reduced the following year to 13 years' imprisonment.

Prosecutors said she was upset after the millionaire jeweller ended their two-and-a-half-year relationship in November 2013 and flew into a jealous rage after seeing him with his new love.

Where is Mayka Kukucova now?

Mayka Kukucova is currently in prison. 

At Kukucova's trial in 2016, the court heard how the bikini model had become "obsessed" with Mr Bush after their split in November 2013.

Then 26, she had begun stalking him, and from April 2, 2014 – three days prior to his death – had been in his house in Malaga, Spain, without his consent.

And Russian-born Maria Korotaeva, who was seeing Mr Bush at the time of his killing, has previously told how she "cowered" in the car as he was shot three times inside the villa.

Howveer Korotaeva has claimed in a tell-all book that a business rival may have ordered her fiance's killing.

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