Since Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced her intention to run for the job as Tory PM – an old clip of her speaking about cheese has resurfaced.

The now infamous cheese remark came during her speech at the 2014 Conservative Party conference. But what did she say?

What did Liz Truss say about cheese?

Luckily, if you're a British cheese lover, Truss has got your back.

Speaking at the at the 2014 Conservative Party conference – Truss began to passionately discuss cheese whilst addressing British exports.

She said: ''When it comes to British food and drink, we have never had it so good.''

Whilst grinning and waiting for applause after each statement, Truss began to bizarrely talk about cheese – and as soon as she did the audience couldn't hold in their laughter.

Turning stony-faced, Truss told the audience: “At the moment we import two thirds of our apples. We import nine tenths of all of our pears. We import two thirds of our cheese.”

After a long pause, she adds: “That is a disgrace.”

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She even mentioned exporting Yorkshire Tea to China during the same speech.

The whole speech was so good it made in onto ‘Have I got News For You’.

Memes about the speech have once again gone viral all over Twitter during the Conservative leadership contest and particularly since Ms Truss made the final two.

And Twitter is going wild – and mocking Truss as they do.

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One user tweeted: ''To all the single people out there. I hope you find somebody who smiles at you the same way that Liz Truss does when talking about pork markets and cheese.''

Whilst another joked: ''You’re laughing at the thought of Liz Truss as PM but you won’t be laughing when she’s at the G20 shouting about cheese.''

What other memorable speeches has Liz Truss made?

The cheese speech wasn’t the only time Truss has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

One of Ms Truss' best blunders came at the launch of her own leadership bid, as she seemingly got lost when trying to exit.

Luckily, someone eventually managed to help her find her way out of the room – despite the audience trying their best not to laugh.

But it is her bizarre speeches that seem to be the biggest hit on the internet.

During her infamous cheese speech, Truss also began to rant about opening pork markets in Beijing.

She said: “In December, I’ll be in Beijing, opening up new pork markets.''

While this seems a relatively dull comment, the passionate remark was immediately followed by an ear-to-ear grin, accompanied by a deep stare down the camera lens – which once again made Truss a hit online.

But her bizarre comments didn't stop there.

In February 2022, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the foreign secretary appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Morning show and to everybody's surprise – suggested the government would back Brits who want to go and fight in Ukraine against Russian troops.

The foreign secretary said: “If people want to support that struggle, I would support them in doing that.”

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This came directly after the government’s advice urging the people of Britain not to visit Ukraine because of the danger it would put on their lives.

As a result Truss was labelled ''bizarre'' and ''crazy'' all over social media – and once again became the face behind many memes.

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