BRITAIN has been hit by sub-zero weather with fierce winds bringing a -2C Arctic blast.

North-easterly winds are bringing bitter temperatures but there will be several bright, sunny days ahead of us despite the plunge.

The Met Office also warned of rain and frost over the coming week due to "nagging" winds.

Aidan McGivern, Met Office Meteorologist, said: “Significant changes in the weather are on the way from Monday so let’s focus on the first four days for now because that’s relatively straight forward.”

“A few showers around yes but also plenty of bright days and chilly nights heading into the weekend," he added.

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  • John Hall


    The weather over the weekend is going to be mixed with drizzle on Saturday and sun on Sunday.

    Saturday will be cloudy for most of the country with a few patches of light rain and drizzle.

    The north-easterly winds will remain gentle.

    On Sunday, there will be plenty of cloud around but most areas will be dry.

    The best of the sunshine will be in Northern Ireland and western parts of England and Wales.

  • John Hall


    Terry Scholey, Netweather forecaster, said a “nagging” north to north east wind may bring some showers on Thursday.

    Mr Scholey told The Daily Express: “There should be enough of a North to North Easterly breeze and patchy cloud to prevent a frost towards East Anglia and the South East, but elsewhere a ground frost is more likely.

    “There'll also be a touch of air frost again in the coldest spots over Scotland and in the West, with lowest temperatures mostly between -2 and +4C.”

  • John Hall


    This evening, most areas will stay dry with clear spells.

    There will be more cloud around eastern coasts of England and Scotland and some scattered showers.

    Through the night, it will become chilly, especially in the west.

    The cloud may be thick enough to produce drizzle later in central and eastern Scotland.

  • John Hall


    Many areas be dry with some sunny spells and probably feeling reasonably pleasant this afternoon,.

    There will be lighter winds than yesterday, but slightly lower temperatures.

    There are still a few showers scattered around, these focused in the east and southeast where still rather breezy.

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