Wake up, mummy! Baby monitor captures sleepless baby’s tireless efforts to get his mother to play when all she wants is a good night’s sleep

  • Sumula Chuencharoenwong just wanted to get a good night’s sleep 
  • She had her baby in bed with her after he kept hitting his head in his crib
  • But the baby wouldn’t settle as he slept in a Queen-sized bed with his parents 

A mother has been kept awake by her playful baby after he refused to sleep in his parent’s bed.

Sumula Chuencharoenwong tried to get her baby son to sleep in her bed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The baby had hurt his head on the rails of his crib so Ms Chuencharoenwong wanted to get him to sleep in his parents’ bed.

Sumula Chuencharoenwong, the child’s mother, tried to get him to sleep in their bed in Las Vegas, Nevada

‘We removed his crib because he was hurting himself in it, banging his head on the rails,’ she said.

But footage captured on a baby monitor showed the child refusing to sleep, choosing instead to climb over his mother’s face.

At one point his father pulled the baby towards him to try to give Ms Chuencharoenwong a moment to get to sleep, but as soon as he let go the child went straight back to his mother.

The baby had hurt his head on the rails of his crib so Ms Chuencharoenwong brought him into her bed

‘We decided to move him to a queen-sized bed with bed rails for toddlers and the best way to keep him comfortable is to co-sleep with him for a couple of hours and then we move to our own bed,’ she added.

Despite the sensible decision, having both parents in bed with him was too exciting for the baby to go to sleep. 

After posting the video to Tik Tok it quickly gained hundreds of likes, and in the comments Ms Chuencharoenwong joked: ‘It should have said sleep like daddy, not sleep like a baby.’

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