RAPPER Tupac Shakur talked about faking his death just weeks before he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting – according to former record label executive Suge Knight.

The music mogul claims the discussion started during a trip to the Pacific island of Maui, shortly after he signed Tupac to his Death Row record label.

Suge explained: "We was in Maui, you know what I mean, and Pac had, like, never been to Maui. And he got to talking about faking his own death.

"And Pac was more down for doing, like, the last little videos and s*** of him dying all in the white, you know what i'm saying', with Redd Foxx and everybody like that.

Suge was referencing the music video for the track 'I Ain't Mad At Cha', which was recorded on the eve of his death and showed Tupac get shot and earn his place in Heaven.

The claims – in a new Showtime documentary called American Dream/American Knightmarecome after Suge's son said Tupac is alive and “doing good” and is about to release new music

J. Knight  insisted Tupac is back in the studio – despite the star being killed in a drive-by shooting in September 1996.

Suge himself then added fuel to the fire by hinting that Tupac would work with artists like Cardi B.

“Cardi B is probably the most aggressive entertainer in the biz today. And I think she's the female version of Tupac. Tupac with a skirt. Yeah,” he said.

J. Knight first caused a stir by writing on his Instagram: “I got Pac back in the studio. New music coming. This ain’t a joke”.

Previously the son of the Death Ross Records boss had claimed Tupac was still alive and living in Malaysia.

Sun Online has understandably been unable to verify these new claims.

Suge Jr’s statements are the latest wild claims about the 25-year-old who was shot four times in Las Vegas more than 20 years ago and died in hospital six days later.

The gunman has never been caught.

The LAPD source believe the motive for the 1996 drive-by shooting in Las Vegas was “all about gangs. It was a gang retaliation murder".

Hours before his murder, Tupac was involved in a high-profile brawl with Crips member Orlando Anderson in the MGM Grand casino.

Later that night he was shot as he drove down the Las Vegas strip with Knight.

The star was hit four times times – in the chest, arm and thigh – and died six days later.

A police insider says later a former leader of the Crips admitted Tupac’s death was revenge for this beating.

Wild conspiracy theories connected to his death have swirled about ever since with some not even accepting the star is dead.

Too Short, a friend of Tupac, also believes the rapper is not dead.

Responding to a question recently asking if the founder of Death Row Records set up the killing, he denied it, adding: “Because he’s not dead.”

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There are a host of other wild, uncorroborated theories, including ones speculating why he wasn’t wearing his bulletproof vest despite being obsessed with protecting himself after a previous shooting.

Even speculation surrounds his cremation with the cremator saying he was 6ft and weighing 215 pounds while his driver’s licence said he was 5’10” and 168 pounds – and the cremator has never been seen since – supposedly.

Shakur, born in 1971, is one of the most successful rappers of all time having sold an estimated 75million records worldwide.

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