TIKTOK users were shocked to find out you should be cleaning your washer once a month.

People were horrified at the gunk found after many have had their machines for years – and they've NEVER been cleaned.

TikTok user @_Paigecraig shocked people when she shared that she found her washer was supposed to be cleaned monthly.

"Alright I just found out that every washer has this little filter compartment," the user, whose name is Paige Craig, according to her profile said.

She flipped down a door on the front of the washer to reveal a spot where the filter is located.

"Mine says it's supposed to be cleaned once a month and I've had this for five to six years and I have never cleaned it," she said, sharing the hack.

She placed a bowl underneath the filter area, and moved a drain hose over it.

"Here I am unscrewing it. Make sure you have a bowl for the dirty water," she told her followers.

Craig then pulled out a filter – revealing years worth of gunk built up.

"That's disgusting," she said.

She urged her followers to clean their own washers.

"Please take this as a public service announcement and go clean yours NOW."

People were astonished to find out they should be cleaning their washing machines.

"I'm afraid to clean mine now!! I've had my washer for 7 years," one user wrote.

"Oh no I had mine over 10 years," another person wrote.

One shocked person said: "I just found this out and I've had my washer for 9 years."

One user who cleaned their own washer said: "Omg mine was so bad."

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