Watch the adorable moment a young joey tries to get into his aunt’s pouch – and his mum isn’t happy

  • Baby joey has been captured in a cute mix up between his mother and aunt
  • Baby Jelly Bean gave his aunt a surprise when he tried to hop into her pouch
  • The baby and his mother live at Red Box Wildlife Shelter in Victoria 

The adorable moment a joey tried to get into his aunt’s pouch after mistaken her for his mother has been captured on camera. 

Jelly Bean was captured happily jumping around with his mother Aunty Uber and his aunt named Winky when he attempted to hop into her pouch at Red Box Wildlife Shelter in Victoria. 

The short clip shows his mother push his aunt out of the way before bundling up her joey and sticking him in her pouch.   

Baby Jelly Bean gave his aunty Winky quite the fright when he tried to jump in her pouch

‘Wrong pouch, that’s aunty Winky!’ she says during the video, filmed by Nikki Medwell, a director at the shelter.

Jelly Bean was recently born inside the shelter after his grandmother was rescued, Ms Medwell told Storyful. 

‘The mother of the little one is the daughter of a kangaroo we rehabilitated here. Jelly Bean is a second generation from a rescued kangaroo,’ Ms Medwell told Storyful. 

The video that was originally posted by Red Box Wildlife Shelter on Facebook was flooded with adoring comments for the baby joey.

‘Awww love this video. How funny is jelly bean. Such a lovely roomy pouch for him,’ one wrote. 

‘I just love this video, such a cute little Jelly Bean’ another commented.

‘So adorable!’ wrote a third. 

Red Box Wildlife Shelter is situated in Elphinstone, Victoria on a 60 acre property that helps to protect and rehabilitate native Australian animals. 

Ms Medwell told Storyful the kangaroos live happily without boundaries.

‘They are all free. No enclosures. Our shelter is 60 acres of native Australian bushland where they are safe to live in peace,’ she told Storyful.

Jelly Bean’s mother Aunty Uber quickly came over to give the joey a drink

Aunty Uber and Jelly Bean live at Red Box Wildlife Shelter in Elphinstone, Victoria

This was the first picture taken of Jelly Bean by Ms Medwell on Feburary 10, 2021

The video was flooded with adoring comments for Jelly Bean’s cute mix-up

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