Shocking moment teenager assaulted two police officers after he was caught with a huge hunting knife during a stop and search at London Tube station as he is locked up for 14 months

  • Hamza Haddadi, 19, was stopped at Leytonstone underground station in London
  • During the search, officers found a large hunting knife in his hooded top
  • Haddadi elbowed Sergeant David Johns in the face, knocking off his glasses
  • In custody, he was searched and officers found another small switch blade knife 

A teenager has been locked up after assaulting two police officers who found him with a hunting knife during a stop and search operation at a London Tube station.

Hamza Haddadi, 19, of Buttermere Close, Leyton, admitted to two counts of assaulting an emergency worker, two counts of possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.

He was sentenced to 14 months’ detainment at a young offenders’ institution at Snaresbrook Crown Court on June 5.

Sergeant David Johns (left) opened the zips of Hamza Haddadi’s (right) hooded top

During the search, Sergeant Johns found a large hunting knife which Haddadi was hiding under his sweater

On May 17, officers from the Leytonstone Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) stopped Haddadi on the eastbound tube platform of Leytonstone underground station during a search and drug dog operation.

He was initially compliant, but looked agitated as officers were searching him.

During the search, carried out by Sergeant David Johns and PC Sam Mason, Sergeant Johns opened the zips of Haddadi’s hooded top and saw the handle of a large hunting knife.

At the beginning, Haddadi was compliant, but then became agitated and started attacking the officers who were searching him

He tried to escape as the doors of a train which had arrived on the eastbound platform at Leytonstone underground station opened

Officers around Haddadi managed to keep hold of him and prevent him from escaping

 The man elbowed Sergeant Johns in the face, knocking off his glasses, after he found a knife in his hooded top

The man tried to escape as the doors of a train which had arrived on the platform opened.

Officers kept hold of him, but Haddadi resisted and hit Sergeant Johns in the face, knocking off his glasses.

He was then brought to the floor and handcuffed at the station.

A number of officers suffered minor injuries during the fight.

While in custody, Haddadi was searched and officers found another smaller switch blade knife hidden down his trousers. 

The North East Area Gangs unit led the case.

Superintendent Ian Brown, of the North East Area Command, attended the hearing to support the officers. 

He said: ‘This is a stark reminder of the kind of behaviour Met officers have to deal with on a daily basis. Police officers should be able to go about their jobs without fear of assault, but sadly this is not the reality.

A number of officers at the scene suffered from minor injuries during the fight with the man

Haddadi was later brought in custody. He was searched again and officers found another small knife on him

‘The body worn video was important evidence. It showed how quickly the situation escalated and how the officers detained an aggressive suspect without endangering the public, whilst remaining calm and composed throughout.

‘The court rightly acknowledged the bravery and the professionalism of the officers, with the Judge stating the seriousness with which assaults on officers are viewed. 

‘This is a fine example of how we are taking knives and offenders off the streets, and protecting the public. It also shows how our proactive operations directly result in convictions, and often jail sentences.’

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