A TEENAGER who snatched Matt Hancock's cap on the Tube has teased he should "come and get it" if he wants it back.

Georgia Lewis, 19, and her pals filmed themselves chatting to the shamed ex-Health Secretary on a night out in London on Saturday.

Tanning salon worker Georgia, from Rayleigh, Essex, and her friend chanted Mr Hancock's name as they took selfies with him.

They cheekily lifted his baseball cap as they got off the Northern Line train at Camden Town.

Hancock, who quit as Health Secretary last month after humiliating footage of a romantic clinch with a senior aide was published by The Sun, was filmed joking with the girls, who walk off with his cap.

Georgia told The Mirror: "If he wants his hat back he can come and get it.


"He's more than welcome to have it back. We don't want to steal it. We just wanted pictures in it.

"As we got off the train one of my friends took it. It ended up on my head at one point.

"When we got off the train his words were 'go and enjoy yourselves girls, have a good night'.

"I said 'thanks for the hat' and he just put his thumb up."

We felt bad but it was just a laugh

After their antics, Georgia said "we felt bad but it was just a laugh."

But she added: "Everyone seems to think he's a ladies' man now. I've had a few messages saying he was flirting with us.

"I don't think he was being flirty, he was just being nice."

Georgia initially mistook Mr Hancock for a man called 'Will', who she met at a party in London.

She said: "He was walking down the stairs (at the station) and I said to my friend that's the person we met.


"We ran after him to speak to him. I shouted 'Will, Will' and he turned around and said 'my name's Matt'.

"Instantly I clocked in my head he was Matt Hancock. I said 'that's Matt Hancock' and my friend said 'yes it is'."

In the video, Mr Hancock stands up to cheers and applause after the girls,surround his seat and are heard asking, “Are you really Matt Hancock?”

They quizzed him about his affair with  Gina Coladangelo, "but I think he zoned out, Georgia said.

She has sentvideo of their encounter to Mr Hancock on Instagram, but he is yet to respond.

He's more than welcome to have it back. We don't want to steal it. We just wanted pictures in it

In the video, the girls gesture for the shamed MP to take his mask off saying: "You've been double jabbed so we're good."

A woman wearing a blue dress then whips his hat off his head and dances around the carriage wearing it.

Hancock, in red shorts and a navy polo shirt, gets up and makes his way to the standing area of the carriage where he appears on the camera with his hat returned to him.

The group of women, who were travelling on the District Line, continue to huddle around Hancock and as they approach their stop one says: "We're loving Matt.

"We don't want to get off."

But as they pull into their station the hat is again stolen from his head and the same woman runs off the tube with it in her hand.

An onlooker said: “He was clearly loving the attention, but I think stealing the hat was a bit too much.

"When the group spotted who he was they sat next to him.

"One girl even sat on her mate's knee so Hancock had three women around him, they were getting pretty close.

"That is when he got up and went to stand near the doors.

"But there were more women there and they all followed him anyway and gathered around him.

"They grabbed the hat and he tried to get it back but they were all laughing and cheering."


Before the women left the tube Matt can be heard saying: “You go and enjoy yourselves."

Hancock, 42, packed up and left his family home in the wake of the exposé amid public outrage over his affair, which breached social distancing rules.

He reportedly split from long-time wife Martha Hancock to begin a new relationship with married Gina, his former aide.

Last week the Tory backbencher was pictured enjoying a seaside holiday in Cornwall, where he was seen in the same resort as Mrs Hancock and their three children.

The holiday comes just two months after he was pictured packing boxes, suitcases, and bags into his car outside his marital home.

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