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Danish inventor sentenced to life in prison for killing journalist

A Danish court on Tuesday tacked on 21 months to murderous inventor Peter Madsen’s life sentence for his ill-fated prison escape last year.

Madsen, 50, was sentenced for his brief Oct. 20 escape from Denmark’s Herstedvester prison outside Copenhagen, where he was serving a life sentence for the 2017 slaying of journalist Kim Wall after inviting her aboard his 60-foot UC3 Nautilus for an interview, tabloid Ekstra Bladet reported.

Madsen told the Glostrup City Court he busted out of the lockup after starting to plan his escape in March 2019 due to poor conditions for inmates serving life sentences.

Authorities said Madsen — who has admitted to dismembering Wall, 30, but denied murdering her – was armed with a fake pistol and explosives during his escape that lasted just five minutes.

He threatened a prison psychologist and an officer with an imitation pistol made out of plaster material, the newspaper reported Tuesday.

Madsen also had a “bogus” explosives belt on him at the time, consisting of brushes, wires and other materials fashioned to look like the real thing, according to the report.

In addition to the 21-month sentence, Madsen was also ordered to pay restitution to the prison psychologist whom he threatened to kill during his escape attempt., which ended less than a half-mile away from the prison.

Madsen had claimed Wall died from taking in toxic fumes on his custom-built sub, but prosecutors insisted he tortured the journalist due to violent sexual fantasies after luring her aboard the watercraft.

Prosecutors said the self-taught engineer who later lost his appeal in Wall’s murder had fantasies of spitting on women, Ekstra Bladet reported. Evidence at trial reportedly showed Wall’s body had also been impaled.

The journalist’s dismembered torso was discovered days later in waters off Copenhagen, while other body parts stuffed in weighted bags were recovered in ensuing months.

Madsen has since been transferred to a higher-security prison in Falster, Ekstra Bladet reported.

Life sentences in Denmark typically equate to 16 years in prison, but inmates can be kept longer if they’re deemed to be a threat to society.

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