A TEACHER was left horrified in front of her entire class after one student ripped off her wig.

The woman, currently unidentified, had been teaching at the LeFlore High School in Alabama, when one student got out of control.

Footage filmed by a student, shows the teacher refusing to back down in a tense stand off with the boy, before she tells him to sit down.

It is not clear what the student said in response, as his classmates can be heard jeering and laughing in the background.

But appearing tired, the teacher turns away from the boy, walking to her desk, but she doesn't notice him following her.

As she turns around, he snatched the wig from her head, and began to wave the wig in front of his classmates.

Much to the delight of his peers, he runs around with it in the air, and weaves between their desks.

He even stopped to dance in front of his pals, as the teacher desperately tried to snatch it back.

As she moved a desk to get to him, one student shouts, "Oh s***!", before the boy runs out the classroom.

It has not been confirmed whether the student was suspended.

The video left social media users divided, with some finding the incident hilarious, and others blasting it as "disrespectful".

One said: "There is NOTHING funny about this shameless display of irritating childishness by that spoilt brat.

"If that was our mother, aunt or anyone dear to us, we wouldn't see the joke in this absolute nonsense.

"This generation knows nothing about respect."

Another said: "He really snatched the teacher wig off LMFAOOOO. I just know he got 'bout 10 days home."

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