THIS is the terrifying moment a driver hit a little girl with his car before her screaming dad came to the rescue.

The car was cruising through a residential street when suddenly the little girl ran into the road – oblivious to the oncoming danger.

The dash cam footage shot in Melbourne, Australia last week has shocked users on social media, with many, like the driver, not seeing the child until it was too late.

After the collision, the child rolled over in the road as her father ran and hit the front of the car in anger while cursing the driver.

He then grabbed the little girl and held her as he continued to tell off the driver, who sounded very shaken up.

The driver can be heard frantically asking: "She's alright? She's alright?"


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Dash Cam Owners wrote on their Facebook page: "Luckily this driver was alert or this could have ended in tragedy."

The little girl is okay, but the shocking video has sparked debate online about who was in the wrong.

One parent said: "Dad has his backed turned, completely unaware! That child is lucky to be alive…."

One man shared: "Wow. So much judgement here. Until you’re in either position you have no right to judge. All parties will have PTSD from this incident if my experience is representative.

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"Kids can be unpredictable. Thank goodness this ended the way it did for all involved – it could easily have been a tragedy."

Another concluded: "Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on who they think is to blame, I think this is a video that should be shared widely on the mainstream media and also driver training courses to show how these incidents happen so quickly."

Last month, a video revealed the moment a motorcyclist was sent hurtling through the air after a reckless car driver turned in front of him.

The rider was seen from the driver's perspective as he slammed into the vehicle and was sent flying into the air.

Narrowly missing a pole and performing two flips in the air, the rider was left with 14 broken bones, four fractures, serious head injuries and a punctured lung after the terrible accident.

The biker also posted on social media that he had suffered a fractured skull.

That horrifying tale came after a terrifying collision sent a motorcyclist flying from his bike as a car made a right turn into an empty road.

And, an Audi A5 driver smashed into a motorbike and sent the rider flying in an alleged road rage attack.

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