AN SAS hero who saved 19 people in the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege has today slammed the terrorist responsible and demands he is finally stripped of his cushy life in Britain.

Pete ‘Snapper’ Winner, 76, was one of an elite squad of SAS troops who helped bring the six-day siege to an end in extraordinary scenes broadcast around the world.

Now, on the 42nd anniversary of the heroic ambush, the retired veteran is calling for Iranian terrorist Fowzi Nejad to finally be kicked out of Britain and sent back to his homeland.

Nejad, now 65, has sponged 14 YEARS worth of benefits from the UK taxpayer since being released from prison in 2008 for his role in the siege which left two innocent people dead.

Pete meanwhile struggles on with a measly £21,000 army and war pension.

He fumed to The Sun today: "I've had all my ears blown out just to get a war pension and he's on benefits? F***ing hell!"


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Nejad faced court in January 1981 and was convicted of conspiracy to murder, false imprisonment and possessing firearms with intent – he was later caged for life and served 27 years behind bars.

But the terrorist – who was nicknamed Fozzy in prison – has dodged deportation back to Iran because the British Government have for years feared he would be executed by the regime on his arrival.

It is unlawful to deport someone to a place where they are at risk of of torture or death.

And while the department refused to comment on Nejad specifically, figures suggest it is unlikely he will be asked to leave.

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Despite his criminal past, Nejad has spent the last decade-and-a-half living under an alias in Peckham, South London.

He now loiters around his roomy flat chaining cigs and boasting of a "playboy" lifestyle.

He even gloats of "getting p****" in London's West End, according to one of his chums.

To add insult to injury, his gaff – a stones throw from Del Boy's Only Fools and Horses stomping ground – even has a balcony to sun himself on.

He is often spotted darting out to the corner shop in the leafy corner of London, according to neighbours.

But now, fed-up Pete says it is time Nejad is finally booted out of the country for good.

The SAS hero told The Sun exclusively: "It's about time you left this country, isn't it? But we're not going to see that of course.

"Why don't you pay all this money that you have had on benefits to the victims of the siege for a start."

He went on: "This is the guy who fired a nine millimetre round over the head of the leader of the embassy just because he was not moving fast enough."

Pete – who now lives in Hereford, home of the Who Dares Wins lads -fumed at the "political correctness" that he said is "creeping into society" as the reason why Nejad hasn't been booted out of Britain.

He said: "We all know what society is like in this day and age of political correctness, it doesn't surprise me."

Pete added that one answer he wants to know is why Nejad and his evil buddies murdered two people.

He said: "You made your point, 24-hours you could have surrendered and that would have gone all round the world."

And he added: "He got us in the end, through our pockets!

When approached by The Sun in the street, Nejad – who was rocking the new iPhone 13 Pro, which costs a grand – refused to answer questions.


Neighbours of Nejad were gobsmacked when The Sun told them they live next to a former terrorist.

One neighbour who did not want to be named said: "What? Wow! I've lived here 15-years and I never knew."

While another who lived in the same block said she had "no idea" about the terrorist's history that he'd prefer everyone forgets.

Abmal Issaka, 33, who lives below Mr Nejad said he often sees him meeting up with blokes outside.

He said: "I see him meeting his friends sometimes out here and coming back from the shop."

A lady who gave her name as Mary but no other details, claimed: "I see him with another similar looking guy walking around.

"They sit on the balcony and walk around a bit."

In 1980, the then 22-year-old Nejad posed as a hostage so he wasn't finished off by one of the 35 SAS troops during Operation Nimrod – triggered by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who said enough was enough.

The other five terrorists – Iranian Arabs campaigning for sovereignty of Khuzestan Province – were smoked by Britain's best in a raid that lasted just 17-minutes on May 5, 1980.

Abbas Lavasani, the Chief Press Officer at the embassy was executed by the coward terrorists before the SAS stormed, while Ali Akbar Samadzadeh was murdered by the hostage takers during the assault.

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The Home Office was unable to comment on Nejad's situation.

While the Department for Work and Pensions, who manage benefit claims in the UK, also refused to comment on Nejad.

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