FLORIDA Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Friday that flags across the state will be lowered to honor Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh.

Republican Gov DeSantis revealed the news two days after the political commentator, who hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show since 1988, died at the age of 70 years old.

Rush Limbaugh passed away on Wednesday, February 17, after a battle with lung cancer.

Speaking at a news conference in Palm Beach County on Friday, DeSantis said: "When there’s things of this magnitude, once the date of interment for Rush is announced, we’re going to be lowering the flags to half staff."

The Republican senator praised Limbaugh for being "an absolute legend."

"He was a friend of mine and just a great person," DeSantis added.

The exact time and date the flags are set to fly at half-staff is unknown.

Funeral plans for Limbaugh – who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from former President Donald Trump in 2020 – have also not yet been announced.

Limbaugh was given the medal after announcing he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

According to Click Orlando, the flag-lowering order will come once the funeral arrangements are put into place.

DeSantis made the announcement in Palm Beach County, where Limbaugh resided.

Following Limbaugh's death, DeSantis shared a statement to social media remembering his "fellow Floridian" friend.

He wrote: "Rush is the GOAT — of radio, conservative media, and of inspiring a loyal army of American patriots.

"We don't know who will succeed Rush as America's anchorman, but we do know that nobody will ever replace him."

Former president Trump also paid tribute to Limbaugh in his first interview since leaving the White House.

Trump told Fox News that the radio host was "very very brave, he in theory could've been gone four months ago, he was fighting until the very end."

"Whether they loved him or not they respected him," the former president said.

Trump also confirmed that he had "quite a bit" of contact with Limbaugh before his death, but said he was "very sick."

He said: "It was a great honor and an incredible night to give the Medal of Honor to him during the State of The Union address.

"It was crazy, one half of the room went crazy, the other half… the other half knew he should get it. It was special – and he was special."

He added that Limbaugh worked "so hard" to cover the 2020 election, despite battling lung cancer.

"He was truly a man of the future, he loved this country so much, he loved the people of this country so much," the president added.

"Rush was just somebody who loved talking about the country," he added, saying Limbaugh was "something special."

"I got to know him because he was so gracious, he was so good to me."

However, not everyone has had nice things to say about the radio personality after his death.

Left-wing trolls celebrated Limbaugh's cancer death, saying they hope the outspoken talk radio host is "in hell."

Haters have slammed Limbaugh for his offensive take on life, and tweeting that he "did not make the world a better place."

A Yale Law School professor, Scott Shapiro, tweeted: “I wouldn’t say I was happy that Rush Limbaugh died. It’s more like euphoria," before setting his account to private following a backlash, according to the Daily Wire.

Charlotte Clymer condemned him as a "coward and white supremacist."

Rick & Morty writer, Siobhan Thompson, tweeted: “RIP Rush Limbaugh died 69 years later than he shoulda."

Media Matters' editor-at-large Parker Malloy added on Twitter: "My sincerest condolences go out to hell’s other residents who now have to deal with being associated with him."

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