Graffiti vandals and fly-tippers will have 48 hours to clean up their mess as Rishi Sunak unveils his anti-social behaviour crackdown

  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will unveil his anti-yobbo charter on Monday 
  • He wants a strong policy to encourage Tory voters to return to the party  

Rishi Sunak will take the fight on crime to Labour next week as he unveils his anti-social behaviour crackdown.

With just weeks until the local elections, the Prime Minister will vow to work ‘tirelessly’ to tackle the blight of disorder in communities as part of his ‘levelling up agenda’.

The action plan will focus on tougher punishments for offenders, swifter justice for victims as well as support for young people to get into sports and other activities.

It comes just a week after Labour announced a series of policy pledges to reduce crime, including a commitment to ‘halve serious violent crime’.

PM Rishi Sunak will pledge to clamp down on yobs acting in an anti-social manner in a major new anti-crime initiative on Monday

People who dump chewing gum could be forced to clean up the mess within 48 hours

Sir Keir Starmer, the Opposition leader, revived the New Labour slogan of pledging to be ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’.

He vowed to raise confidence in the police and criminal justice system after the damning report by Baroness Casey into Scotland Yard.

And Sir Keir said Labour would also prioritise ‘fighting the virus that is anti-social behaviour: fly-tipping, off-road biking in rural areas, drugs’.

Polls suggest anti-social behaviour is a major issue for voters, and it is gearing up to be a key political battleground ahead of the general election next year.

The Government will seek to take charge of the agenda this week, granting new powers to police to clamp down on illegal drug use and more funding for community patrols.

There will also be an emphasis on community payback, where offenders work on projects to pay back the community for their crimes.

Yobs who graffiti public buildings will be forced to clean it up in 48 hours, while fly-tippers would have to tidy up the mess within two days.

The strategy is also expected to include banning the sale and possession of laughing gas.

Stopping the benefits of parents whose children fail to attend school has also been considered.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has been tasked with drawing up the cross-departmental plans.

A Government spokesman said last night: ‘Making our communities a better and safer place to live is a key part of our levelling-up agenda.

‘And because we know anti-social behaviour can make life miserable for so many, we’ll shortly publish an action plan outlining how we’ll work tirelessly across government to tackle it.

‘This will focus on swifter justice for victims and tougher punishments for offenders, as well as supporting young people into sports and other activities.

‘We are already injecting record funds into policing and recruiting an additional 20,000 police officers. Our safer streets fund is also putting money into local projects to help tackle neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour.’

According to The Sun, Drinking at bus stops or war memorials will also be banned, while those littering high streets, dropping cigarette butts or chewing gums could be placed into modern day chain gangs. 

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