A PHOTOSHOP expert who takes requests VERY seriously has delighted fans with a fresh batch of edited snaps.

James Fridman’s work often goes viral – and he has become an online celebrity thanks to his very realistic editing skills.

Members of the public submit photos they want tweaked to James – but instead of just giving them what they want, he interprets their requests in unique ways.

Over the years his fan base has grown as people continually send their photoshop changes to him on social media, without ever quite knowing what they’ll get back.

Requests to crop out items, add clothing or change heights has seen James chop off people’s heads, change everyone’s outfit to a pair of shorts or simply crop people out entirely.

Despite the surprising results, people love James’ work and his Instagram account has over 2 million followers.

He racks up some 150,000 likes on each of his edits.

Lights out

Bring it closer


Keep it modest

Picture perfect

Load of rubbish

Float like a butterfly…

You're in the way

Magic of photoshop

May the force be with you

Wed the hell

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner has been accused of photoshop her lingerie pics.

The backlash comes after the 25-year-old shared pics on Instagram of her modelling red lingerie on Friday.

Alongside a mirror selfie that showed Kendall in the undergarments, the Instagram account Problematic Fame wrote: "This photo is very photoshopped.

"Kendall is obviously very gorgeous but these are not her real proportions, nor are they anybody's.

"Please don't compare yourself to heavily edited images.

"Even Kendall doesn't look like this irl."


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