Emotional moment passenger crawls on his knees down LATAM airplane aisle following emergency landing in Brazil after bird struck engine and set it on fire

  • A LATAM flight made an emergency landing at Luis Eduardo Magalhes Airport in Salvador, Brazil moments after the aircraft departed from there Sunday night
  • The Airbus A321-231 aircraft’s engine was struck by a bird on the right engine after taking off
  • No passenger injuries were reported; the airline said it would be holding a joint investigation with Airbus 

A LATAM airplane engine got caught on fire after it was struck by a bird moments after taking off from an airport in Brazil.

Flight LA3361 departed Sunday evening from Luis Eduardo Magalhes Airport at 7:21 pm and was headed to Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo when the engine on the right side of the aircraft burst in flames.

Footage filmed by a passenger by a window seat captured the moment sparks were coming out from the engine as the pilot was preparing for an emergency landing.

According to AirNav RadarBox – the Tampa-based global flight tracking and data services company – the pilot circled the Airbus A321-231 aircraft twice before safely landing on the airport’s runway 10.

A passenger on the LATAM airplane whose engine burst in flames after it was struck by a bird after taking off from an airport in Salvador, Brazil on Sunday night crawls on his knees as a form of appreciation for the pilot, co-pilot and the rest of the crew, including the flight attendant (right), after the aircraft safely landed

The LATAM airplane’s right engine caught fire after it was struck by a bird moments after it took off from Luis Eduardo Magalhes Airport in Salvador, Brazil on Sunday night

Upon landing, the passengers let out their emotions by applauding the pilot, co-pilot and the rest of the crew.

One of the passengers showed his thanks to the airline staff by crawling on his knees, a promise he had made to himself once the airplane encountered the problem.

Marcelo de Oliveira, who was on the flight, told Brazilian news outlet G1 that the passengers were frightened and not sure they were going survive when they spotted the engine on fire. 

However, calms were quickly restored once the pilot landed aircraft.

The pilot circled the airplane twice before returning to Luis Eduardo Magalhes Airport in Salvador, Brazil, for an emergency landing just moments after a bird had struck its engine on the right side. The aircraft landed without any issues and no injuries were reported

‘It really was a moment of terror that we experienced, a very big scare but thank God everything worked out,’ de Oliveira said.

‘We panicked, we thought we were going to die,’ he added.

LATAM said in a statement that the incident was being investigated by the airline and Airbus.

‘Passengers disembarked normally after landing in Salvador, received the necessary assistance from LATAM and were accommodated on other flights to their destination,’ the Chile-based airline indicated. 

‘The company emphasizes that it adopts all technical and operational measures to ensure a safe trip for everyone.’

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