EXCLUSIVE: British OnlyFans model, 27, is facing abuse from ex-boyfriends after revealing she is transgender

  • Michelle Alexandra, from Manchester, started making her transition aged 12 
  • She said she has known since the age of 4 that she wanted to become a woman 
  • Since publicly coming out as transgender, ex-partners have sent vile messages 

A stunning social media influencer and OnlyFans model has revealed how she has received death threats that have left her scared of returning to the UK after publicly coming out as transgender.

Michelle Alexandra, 27, from Manchester, announced to her 25,000 Instagram followers on January 4 that she was trans which led to her being inundated with hate filled messages particularly from men who previously slept with her not knowing her previous gender.

Ms Alexandra maintained that she deliberately chose to reveal that she was transgender while on holiday with her family in the Dominican Republic as she feared a backlash and did not want to be in the UK when the news emerged.

She is currently travelling around South America and is not expected to return to the UK until June.

Michelle Alexandra, 27, is an Only Fans model and Instagram influencer from Manchester with over 25,000 followers 

After being born male she began her transition at the age of 12 taking hormone blockers before having gender reassignment surgery aged 18

Ms Alexandra cried: ‘The messages have been horrible and have left me feeling very scared for my life. Men who I was previously involved with, or their relatives have been saying things like “we hope you die,” or “we’re going to kill you.” The things that are being said are disgusting and deeply hurtful.

‘Some of them are very angry and feel as if sleeping with me now makes them gay. News of me coming out went viral and they’ve gone crazy.’

She added: ‘It’s left me very nervous about coming back to the UK because I might see some of these people on a night out and they could cause me real harm. 

‘I have blocked all those who have sent me threatening messages but if they persist, I will be forced to contact the police.’

Ms Alexandra was born in Manchester and was named Mitch by her parents Sue and Mick, 62. She has one older brother, Jake, 29.

She insisted: ‘Since the age of four I wanted to be a girl and luckily, my family have been very supportive. It’s been a bit more of a struggle for my father and brother but over the years, they’ve come to terms with it.

‘I was never into boys’ things, didn’t like wearing boys’ clothes and just wanted to play with other girls.’

 The social media influencer said she feels ‘better than ever’ after coming out publicly on social media

 She also said that she hopes she can be a ‘big sister’ to younger LGBTQ+ people going through the same journey

When she was aged three, Ms Alexandra’s parents moved the family to Alicante, Spain, where they worked in the real estate business and soon began to support her desire to change gender.

She said: ‘It was when we moved to America when I was eight years old and I had to wear a boys school uniform that I realised this wasn’t me. When we moved back to Spain again I decided that I wanted to be who I was – a girl.   

At the age of 14 she started taking hormones, at 17 she had her first breast augmentation operation and by the age of 18 she legally changed her name to Michelle and had her first gender reassignment surgery.

Michelle said that for as long as she can remember she wanted to be a girl and always played with girls’ toys

‘I was never into boys’ things, didn’t like wearing boys’ clothes and just wanted to play with other girls.’

‘It was when we moved to America when I was eight years old and I had to wear a boys school uniform that I realised this wasn’t me. When we moved back to Spain again I decided that I wanted to be who I was – a girl’,  Michelle told MailOnline.

Michelle Alexandra, pictured second from left, with her mother, brother and father. She told MailOnline: ”My family have been very supportive’.

Ms Alexandra said: ‘It’s been quite a journey for me, and I’ve gone through a lot. But coming out has been a very important part of the process.

‘I’ve come out because I was always complaining about how trans issues weren’t being spoken about in the media or on television and I thought – I’m moaning about it, but I’m not even doing it myself.

‘How can I expect it to be spoken about if I can’t pluck up the courage myself to speak out?’

Michelle said she received ‘really, really horrible’ messages from ex-partners who threatened and scared her after they found out she was trans 

The OnlyFans model revealed how one ex said he now felt ‘gay’ after sleeping with her  

Ms Alexandra maintains that she did not intend to deceive any of the men she was involved with in her past but admitted that she did not tell all of them that she was transgender at the time.

She insisted: ‘When I was younger, I was dating guys for one or two days that didn’t really know about me then I wouldn’t see them again. They’ve now seen me come out and they’re angry.

‘This has been the hardest part for me, guys in my DMs just saying, “what the f***”, calling me horrible names and threatening me. They’re making me feel scared.’

When asked how she has responded to the angry messages, Ms Alexandra replied: ‘I’ve just said to them – I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do now to change the past. If that’s how you feel, then that’s on you. Then I block them.’

Ms Alexandra spends her time between Ibiza and Manchester earning a living from income she makes from social media work and her OnlyFans page.

She is currently not in a relationship and admitted that her experience of coming out and past relationships has left her with ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’ about getting involved with men.

Michelle feels like her love life is ‘too much of a headache’ and casual sex has been taken away from her

The influencer also revealed that she is not dating anyone at the moment and she has built up a ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’ around men from prior experiences 

Ms Alexandra said: ‘Relationships are just really hard, you want to get to know someone, and they get to know you for who you are, a human, and not just something.

‘That’s why I haven’t been dating anybody lately. It’s just too much of a headache for me. It has been taken away from me that I can’t have casual sex or casual hook-ups.

She added: ‘It all comes down to how trans people are not normalised in society. I am just a woman and what I was meant to be born as.’

The 27-year-old now hopes that discussions around trans people can be normalised in society and there isn’t as much of a stigma 

Michelle said she is planning on developing a podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to trans issues and LGBTQ+ rights to provide a safe space for ‘open-minded discussions’

Michelle has said she feels there is no one representing trans people on television

Part of the reason Michelle came out publicly about being transgender is to show how trans people are just like everybody else 

After finishing her travels around South America, Ms Alexandra said that she plans to start a podcast and YouTube channel discussing identity issues for transgender people.

She insisted that despite the hate messages, she has also received a lot of positive ones from supporters or those dealing with transgender issues themselves.

She said: ‘If someone is feeling how I felt when I was younger and they want to speak to somebody other than their parents, I want to be there for them.

‘I’ve had a lot of messages already from younger and older people, there’s also parents asking for advice on their children. I have said to myself that even if I help one person, I will be happy.’

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