Taking the subway? Make sure to pack a lifeboat!

Heavy rains caused titanic-level floods at several Big Apple train stations Thursday — forcing some desperate New Yorkers to wade through subterranean lakes just to get on with their commute.

Shocking video showed a woman walking into waist-deep water as she attempted to reach the platform at the 157th Street No. 1 train station in Washington Heights.

The “pour” straphanger had water up to her ankles as she descended the stairs — before she plopped into the underground pond. She continued moving, undeterred, holding a shopping bag over her head.

Another commuter at the same waterlogged station was also caught-on-camera trudging through the subway pool on his way out. Video showed him moving through knee-deep water, a plastic bag on his head.

“Yooo the 157th St station is underwater,” one person wrote on Twitter, along with video showing a deluge on the street above the train stop.

Another user tweeted: “Wow @mta flooded train, no AC, feels like a sauna, trying to get on safety so no one slips and the conductor is mad we are not getting on fast enough. What a mess. Nothings changed.”

Flooding was also reported at the 191st Street No. 1 train station and at the 125th Street station — where video showed water pouring onto the platform and onto an incoming train.

At the 149 Street – Grand Concourse station in the Bronx, torrents streamed down a staircase, turning it into a waterfall.

“Stairs looking like a water park ride right now,” wrote the Instagram account “Subway Creatures.”


The underground inundation took place as the city was placed under a “severe thunderstorm watch” by the National Weather Service, set to last through 9 p.m.

The Big Apple is expected to continue getting drenched on Friday, as Tropical Storm Elsa moves through the region.

An MTA spokesperson said the agency was looking into videos of the flooding.

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