A PERSON has been left fuming after their neighbours stole a fence and spent an afternoon chilling in their backyard before they moved out.

Merel Kastelein from the Netherlands posted a photo on Reddit of her fence less garden after the naughty neighbours had left with the unusual parting gift.

The caption alongside the photo said: “I came home and saw my neighbours (who are moving out) took down the shared fence.

“It was also visible they chilled in our backyard and a big wooden pole was taken from our yard.”

After thousands of comments reacting to the post Merel revealed more of the insane story.

“I was gone for less than a day and the neighbours took down the shared fence.



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“It was clear they used our garden furniture and their dog-leash was tied to something in our backyard.”

After waltzing into the garden and chilling on the furniture they also took the woman’s wooden umbrella stand that was used to shield away the sun.

After looking for the fence, pole and furniture for a while Merel spoke to the neighbours again over the phone to try and sort out the issue.

She wrote: “If they would have asked (my roommate was home) if they could use our backyard, that would have been okay, but I strongly dislike trespassing.

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“They took the fence with them and when asked what they did with it, they didn't really give an answer and seemed to not be planning to put up another fence.”

The avid Reddit user whose account is named MerelYael was left upset by her neighbours and annoyed at the problems it’s now caused.

She said: “Without the fence I've a lot less privacy in the backyard, 3 more apartments can look at me in my backyard.”

Some commenters were so confused by the story that they felt there must be some other explanation.

Many thought the fence might have been there’s to begin with but the two houses are apparently rented from a social housing company.

Meaning the fence belonged to the company instead of either party.

Many of the comments under the post were surprised that the original poster didn’t contact the police over the issue.

One commented: “Call the cops.

“Get your roommate to give a statement.

“If you have pictures of your dog, you guys hanging outside, or anything that MIGHT have the fence/pole they stole then print those off and provide them to the police.”

In a similar manner another said: “Call the cops.

“They stole from your yard and trespassed.”

A final user was left baffled over why this was on the “mildly infuriating” subreddit.

They put: “A significant number of Reddit posts should instead be calls to the police.

“This is not mildly infuriating, it’s illegal.”

This isn’t the first unusual thing stolen from a neighbour after one person had their deliveries stolen before having them unashamedly sold back to them at a high price.



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