That’s one small step for man, one giant vacuum ride toward oblivion for hornet-kind.

Space-suited bug specialists successfully vacuumed up a nest of so-called “murder hornets” in Washington state on Saturday, capping a months-long effort to swat back the invasive, bee-slaughtering pest.

“Got ’em,” the Washington State Department of Agriculture tweeted on Saturday afternoon, alongside photos of their efforts.

“Vacuumed out several #AsianGiantHornets from a tree cavity near Blain this morning,” the tweet read.

The basketball-sized nest was hidden inside the hollow of a tree, in woods two hours north of Seattle, officials said.

It is the first nest of the 2-inch-long, venomous insects — real name “Asian giant hornets” — to be successfully located after almost a year of worrisome individual sightings near the British Columbia border.

The state’s effort began with the trapping of three hornets — and the task of keeping them alive with strawberry jam long enough for the next steps.

Entomologists then used dental floss to tie tiny radio tracking devices to their abdomens.

Murder Hornets NestMurder Hornets NestMurder Hornets NestMurder Hornets NestMurder Hornets NestMurder Hornets Nest

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