A FURIOUS mum has sent a warning to other parents after an Aldi high chair her baby son was sat in "snapped off the base and sent him flying".

Ollie McColl, who is ten months old, was left with red marks on his arm after he fell from the £34.99 Mamia Swivel 360 high chair yesterday.

Ollie's mum Ashleigh Boston, 25, from Kirkcaldy, said the accident happened when the chair "snapped" off its base.

She said her son was lucky to have avoided serious injury.

The deli worker posted photos on social media which showed the mark left on Ollie's arm and the broken high chair leaning to one side.

She wrote: "Bought this two weeks ago and never had any problems.

"Put Ollie in for his tea and it snapped off the base and he went flying, luckily he was fine and only got a fright.

"Phoned to complain and he wasn’t interested and said to go to the store for a refund! Absolute joke."

Speaking about the incident today, Ashleigh said: "My son was eating his tea and the whole thing came away from the base and he flew down to the side.

"Luckily my partner was there to stop him hitting his head off the wall and catch it.

"He started hysterically crying, we presumed he had gotten a fright as he never fell into anything.

"I phoned Aldi customer service straight away to let them know as this is not safe and they said I could get a refund.

"I noticed an hour later and he had a nip mark obviously where it had caught his skin.

"This should not have happened. Luckily my son was OK.

“The customer service man was really rude and did not seem bothered about what happened."

After she posted online, several other parents also complained of similar issues with the high chair.

Replying to Ashleigh, Chloe Watson said: "The high chairs are crap! Same thing happened with my son, but he slid under the tray bit and was dangling by his head."

Another mum, Paige, told how the "pole keeps popping out making it unstable".

Meanwhile mum Katie complained the high chair was "not very sturdy".

However many other parents have given the high chair a five star review online.

An Aldi spokesperson said: "We were sorry to hear about Ms Boston’s experience and have asked her to return the product to her nearest store so we can investigate this fully with our supplier."

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