STEVE Mnuchin has reportedly given Nancy Pelosi a "counter offer" to a $2.2trillion stimulus plan, as sides try to break a stalemate over $1,200 checks.

The offer from the Treasury Secretary reportedly came after House Speaker Pelosi and Democrats put out another emergency coronavirus plan over the weekend, Fox News reported.

Democrats previously unveiled the $2.2trillion package, which would include $1,200 stimulus checks and $600 in additional aid for unemployment.

Fox reporter Chad Pergram said that Mnuchin's counter offer came on Wednesday, as he met with Pelosi on Capitol Hill.

Mnuchin made a counter offer – but Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Republicans would not come close to meeting Democrat's $2.2trillion proposal, Fox reported.

Talks between the Secretary and House Speaker came the same day the Payroll Support Program is set to expire.

The program gave money to airlines, which guaranteed jobs for flight attendants, gate agents, bag handlers, and others, the Associated Press reported.

As the program is set to lapse tonight, around 40,000 airline workers are at risk of losing their jobs, the AP reported.

Democrats' bill would have extended the $25billion program.

Pelosi said on Wednesday night that talks with Mnuchin "will continue."

"Today, @stevenmnuchin1 and I had an extensive conversation and we found areas where we are seeking further clarification. Our conversation will continue," Pelosi said in a tweet.

She added in another tweet: "The House will be proceeding with our vote tonight on the updated #HeroesAct in order to formalize our proffer to Republicans in the negotiations to address the health and economic catastrophe in our country."

The talks between Mnuchin and Pelosi came months after the HEROES Act was passed in the House in May.

As Mnuchin reportedly made a counteroffer to Democrats' proposal, the Senate passed a last-minute bill that will fund the US government through December.

The bill – which gives temporary funding – will run through December 11, Fox News reported.

This means the government will avoid a shutdown through the end of the year.

Members of Congress will now work to hash out funding for a full calendar year before the December deadline – in hopes of avoiding a shutdown then.

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