A MISSING woman allegedly threw her phone out of her car on Monday over fears she was being tracked before disappearing.

Police believe 43-year-old Kristin Dumond Glass was worried that someone was following her through her phone’s GPS before she went missing in Topsail Beach, North Carolina, Port City Daily reported.

According to Topsail Beach Police Chief Samuel Gervase, the cell phone was discovered on the side of the road on Monday at approximately 3.45pm.

The last form of contact Glass had with her family was around 11.30am on October 5, police said.

Missing person flyers have been circulating the internet since Monday.

Jessica Williams, a spokesperson with the Wilmington Police Department, revealed on Tuesday that officers "are aware of social media posts circulating regarding the disappearance" of Glass.

“Detectives are taking this case very seriously and following various leads,” she added.

“We stand by our statement that we will not comment on the investigative leads we’re following."

It is unknown who might have been following Glass at the time she is suspected to have rid of her cell phone.

Surveillance video captured Glass inside a Wilmington bank 45 minutes before her phone was found, Chief Gervais said.

The footage reportedly showed Glass to be alone.

A missing person report revealed Glass drives a gold colored 2001 Mercedes Benz E-320.

The car vehicle has a North Carolina license plate that reads CJB-9495.

Glass is described as having blonde hair, green eyes, and a petite body.

The Wilmington Police Department is urging anyone with information regarding Glass' location to call (910)-343-3609.

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