MCDONALD'S lovers have been warned to watch out when heading to the loo after munching on a Maccies meal.

Poo expert Gillian McKeith claims regulars of the fast-food chain often complain of skid marks in their toilets.

The 61-year-old thinks eating at McDonald’s will likely affect your poo for the worst and cause more mess than its worth.

The self-branded ‘Poo lady’ said: “Eating at McDonald’s will most likely affect your poo.

“Skid marks around the toilet seat are a common complaint from the bad eaters who frequent the place.

“At least that’s what they tell me.

“And who am I to argue?”

It is because the meaty grub is full of fats and greases that the body finds it harder to break down, causing looser stool.

Gillian rose to fame with her 2004 Channel 4 show You Are What You Eat where she analysed poos.

According to her, the perfect poo is shaped like a sausage and has volume – so won’t cause marks on the toilet pan.

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The nutritionist and dietetic technician has long been a critic of McDonald’s food and claims it is full of harmful toxins.

Former I’m A Celebrity star Gillian has also said plant-based eaters tend to leave fewer skid marks on the toilet pan and require less tissue.

She said: “Vegans usually have less residue around the bahookee exit point which requires much less toilet tissue usage.

“Vegans can have clean wipes and basically need to wipe less.

“Another plus is no skid marks on the toilet bowl like many meat eaters.”

Twitter users were left unsettled by Gillian’s comments, with one calling her obsessed with poo.

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