Adorable moment a VERY tame kookaburra perches on a man’s lawn mower as he drives it around the backyard

  • A Queensland man has filmed his close encounter with a very tame kookaburra
  • Jarrod Roberts was mowing his lawn when bird perched on the steering wheel
  • The native birds are found along Australia’s east coast – frequently in backyards   

The moment a very tame kookaburra perched himself on steering wheel of a ride-on lawnmower and refused to budge has been captured on video. 

Young father Jarrod Roberts was out doing some yard work in Queensland when the native Australian bird decided to take a closer look. 

‘Got some help mowing the lawns,’ Mr Roberts says as he holds the camera inches away from the brave bird. 

The tame bird seems unfazed by the loud lawnmower and perches right on the steering wheel (pictured) 

He tells the bird to look at the camera but instead he appears to eye Mr Roberts beard.

‘Not me I’m not food … say G’day,’ he tells the kookaburra. 

People viewing the video online were impressed by the close-up encounter with the Australian icon. 

‘So cool. Love kookaburras,’ one person said. 

‘Start feeding him and he’ll bring the rest of the clan there,’ another said. 

‘Watch out they have sharp beaks,’ added a third. 

The kookaburra is native to Australia and New Guinea. 

The ‘laughing kookaburra’ sub-species is found along Australia’s east coast and is known for its distinctive bird call which resembles a laugh. 

Though they are classified as kingfishers they are not generally associated with habitats near water unlike other kingfishers – preferring dry eucalyptus forests, backyards, and even city parks. 

Mr Roberts tells the kookaburra to smile for the picture but he seems more interested in his beard (pictured) 

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