I’ll sharpen your claws: Curious kitten gives manicurist a helping paw as she files model’s long pointed nails

  • Mau the four-month-old kitten was filmed grabbing the nail file in Romania
  • The curious cat followed the motion of the file as owner Liana Nicolae worked
  • Mau tried to join in for almost a minute as Liana and the model laughed

This is the adorable moment a kitten decided to ‘help’ her manicurist owner as she filed an extravagantly long set of nails.

Four-month-old curious cat Mau was sitting on the table while owner Liana Nicolae  watching her worked on the elaborate show nails.

Suddenly the kitten grabs the nail file with both paws and drags it backwards and forwards in footage filmed in Romania.

Four-month-old curious cat Mau helps her owner Liana Nicolae file a model’s nails in Romania by grabbing hold of the file with both paws

As if admiring its own work, the kitten lets go of the file at one point and looks down on the nails as Liana continues her work on the model’s hands. 

Mau grabs hold of the file again with one paw and carries on ‘helping’ as both Liana and her model can be heard laughing.

The kitten spends almost a minute trying to help its owner finish filing the model’s nails.

At the end of the video Mau earns a scratch on the back from the model after putting in a hard graft with the filing. 

Liana had been crafting the decorative nails on a model as practice for a competition when Mau decided to help out.

The video was posted on Facebook by Liana with the comment ‘I found help’.

It was originally shared on August 27 and has since been viewed more than six million times.

Liana subsequently posted an image of the completed nail art and viewers praised the kitten’s skills.

One commenter said: ‘What a good job the cat did.’ 

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