A Kim Kardashian wannabe has splashed out more than £43,000 on 25 operations to make her bum bigger – after her boyfriend's deathbed wish was for her to look like Barbie.

Jennifer Pamplona, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has also spent almost half a million pounds in total going under the knife, including having eight ribs removed.

Her most recent procedure saw her have a spider web butt lift in which needles were pushed into her bum to create increased collagen production.

The threads were injected by Dr Bulent Cihantimur in Turkey into each butt cheek to improve skin renewal and help her behind look perkier than before.

The 26-year-old is desperate to look like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star.

As part of this she has had ribs removed, two breast augmentation surgeries, rhinoplasties, liposuction, fillers, veneers and more.

Jennifer, who launched her own cosmetics line, said: “It has changed my butt a lot, I woke-up and it’s almost up to my neck, my friends are amazed and say it’s ‘insane’.

“It makes me look like I go to the gym every day, when I don’t go at all.

“The spider web surgery increases collagen in the skin through the introduction of Pdo threads.

“It causes the skin to produce a large amount of collagen as a reaction to the thread, to cause an even greater lifting effect, for contraction and renewal of the skin.

“I feel great, happier and even more confident, I have to be careful as I have had a lot of surgeries to my butt, but I trust my doctor who did all the tests.

“This gives your butt a lift, I became crazy trying to make my butt as beautiful as possible.

“It began after people started comparing me to Kim Kardashian , I wanted to make my butt bigger and better from there.

“I never get tired of the Kim Kardashian comparisons because I love her as a woman.”

Jennifer believes being bullied during childhood for her petite frame led her to long to change her body.

Using Kim as her muse, after being confused for the star, she became set on a mission to emulate the star’s infamous rear and look.

Jennifer said: “People confuse me for a Kardashian all the time, they think I’m their long lost sister.

“The only difference is that I’m very honest about all of the surgeries and procedures I have had.

“I could never stop doing surgery, this is my passion.”

Jennifer’s body alterations turned to an obsession after her partner wished on his deathbed that she looked more like a Barbie Doll.

Her now deceased boyfriend, Celso Santebanes, who died of Leukemia was known as the Human Ken Doll and hoped she would follow in his footsteps.

Jennifer said: “I had a deep depression after my boyfriend Celso passed away, which is why I had so much surgery.

“Right now, you could bully me or say whatever you want, and I wouldn’t care because I’m so confident in myself.

“I’m so proud of everything, surgery made me who I am. It’s been hard, but I look young and beautiful.”

Jennifer, who has no plans to stop going under the knife any time soon, also tries to follow the Kardashians’ entrepreneurship.

Part of this has seen her launch her own chocolate and cosmetics line, most recently including lipstick.

She said: “I am Jennifer Pamplona and she is Kim Kardashian, we are completely different from one another.

“I love the Kardashians, they are beautiful and smart feminists, making their own money and own choices.

“They show that you can be a mother and take care of your business, seeing people like Kim inspires me to grow more as a woman too.”

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