Amazon delivery truck thieves brag about hitting the jackpot as they show off boxes of designer gear from Louis Vuitton, Nike and Dior

  • Video shows young alleged thieves jumping for joy as they discovered their stolen loot includes boxes from luxury designer brands like Louis Vuitton
  • Viewers said flaunting their alleged loot was a sure way to get caught 
  • The alleged robbery occurred in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday afternoon

Brazen thieves who looted an Amazon delivery truck were heard screeching with excitement as they flaunted their stolen goods online. 

In footage obtained by World Star, the young suspects are seen tearing through packages and throwing them on the ground as they uncover boxes of designer gear from Nike, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

One teenager dressed in hoodie and mask can be seen holding boxes from Gucci and Dior, while another strolled away with two brand new suitcases. 

The alleged robbery occurred at the Country Oaks Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday afternoon. 

Video shows young thieves jumping for joy as they discovered their loot to be boxes from luxury designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior

Shocked viewers on social media said flaunting their alleged loot was a sure way to get caught

An Instagram user shared the videos with the caption ‘going crazy.’ Another user appeared to livestream the moment the group opened the boxes which included a pair of Jordan shoes by Nike.  

It’s unclear if the designer boxes were indeed part of the loot from the Amazon truck, although the police confirmed that several packages were stolen. 

No arrests in relation to the looting have been made so far, as police are still working to identify the suspects seen in the video. 

The video triggered an overwhelming number of commenters that hit out on the young thieves. 

One user wrote: ‘Might as well filmed while y’all walk to the police station!!! LMAO!’

Another user said: ‘First off I am a delivery driver. This video should be taken down because it places drivers in danger during holiday season basically promoting robbing us.’ 

In one part of the video, they appeared to pull out a box containing Jordan shoes from Nike 

The teens celebrated as they found bright orange boxes in their haul of stolen goods

The social media user added: ‘Second they robbed a freight truck Amazon don’t ship like that they cheap AF.’ 

A group of approximately six thieves that looked to be young boys raided a large walk-in delivery truck after the driver left the door wide open. 

They frantically grabbed boxes as the female driver helplessly watched from a nearby sidewalk and did nothing. 

She appeared to be fed up with the robbers that snuck up on her while she delivered other packages in the Country Oaks Apartments.  

A video shared on social media begins with the parked Amazon truck in the complex’s parking lot as three of thieves hop out through the front steps by the driver’s seat. 

Some of the young thieves (pictured) emerged from the truck while the others immediately took from the back of the open van 

The female Amazon delivery driver (pictured) watched from a distance the thieves took random boxes form her truck 

One of the thieves even falls as he rounds the corner (pictured) of the back of the truck but quickly gets back up and grabs a large brown Amazon box

Another one in a black hoodie and tan pants quickly snags a nearby box and runs off while the rest of them pick their goods. 

One of the thieves even falls to the ground as he rounds the corner of the truck but quickly gets back up and grabs a large brown Amazon box. 

The video then turns to the Amazon employee in her blue vest and beanie as she stares at the group of looters raid the vehicle. 

She then looks down at her device before the camera goes back on the truck as one of the robbers in a red jacket and white hoodie uses both hands and runs off with a large package. 

Suddenly another thief jumps down from the back and stumbles as a large box escapes his hands and partially opens up just before he fixes it and scurries off. 

The driver is still watching as they all run away and says something to them, but it is inaudible. 

The video ends with a thief wearing a navy hoodie and black face mask running away on another sidewalk with the hefty box in hand. 

Branden Baribeau, a spokesman for Amazon told ‘We’re glad the driver is okay and that she prioritized her safety during this terrifying incident.’

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