Jeremy Kyle returns to screens with his own TalkTV show… three years after his ITV daytime programme was axed over the death of guest Steve Dymond

  • Jeremy Kyle is to return to television on TalkTV with new show airing weeknights
  • Comes after he appeared on channel’s The Talk with Sharon Osbourne this week
  • New show will air three years after The Jeremy Kyle Show was cancelled by ITV 
  • Decision taken after death of guest Steve Dymond seven days after its filming
  • But presenter says he ‘couldn’t be more thrilled to be back in front of the camera’

Jeremy Kyle is returning to screens with his own TalkTV show, three years after his ITV daytime programme was axed over the death of guest Steve Dymond.

The presenter appeared on television in the UK for the first time in three years on Monday as he helped to launched the new channel with a cameo appearance on hour-long panel debate show The Talk with Sharon Osbourne.

But Kyle will become a regular fixture again with his own show on the channel, airing weeknights, that will cover topical news and current affairs.

It comes after the 56-year-old presenter’s eponymous Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV was suspended indefinitely in May 2019 following the death of a participant Steve Dymond, 63, one week after a programme featuring him was filmed. 

A former guest of the ITV show who was ‘highly provoked’ into headbutting a love rival on the reality show called the decision to let him back on air ‘shameful’ this week.

Last month, a behind-the-scenes documentary about the show on Channel 4 also revealed previously unseen footage of the host describing guests as ‘thick as s***’ and berating audience members for talking during filming.

Jeremy Kyle returned to television in the UK for the first time in three years on Monday as he helped to launched the new channel with a cameo appearance on hour-long panel debate show The Talk with Sharon Osbourne

Jeremy Kyle presented The Jeremy Kyle Show for 14 years before it was axed in 2019 following Mr Dymond’s death

Steve Dymond, a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2019, was found dead aged 63 from a suspected morphine overdose one week after being grilled by the presenter on the ITV show

Sharon Osbourne (left) and Kyle were joined by fellow presenters (centre, to right) Esther Krakue, JJ Anisiobi and Nicola Thorp

‘Death on Daytime’ heard from former workers on the ITV show who said the platform gave Kyle a ‘God complex’ and explained how they would make guests distressed to entertain viewers.

But Kyle has said he ‘couldn’t be more thrilled to be back in front of the camera’.

He told The Sun: ‘I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed it until I stepped into the studio and felt the lights.

‘Presenting live TV is almost like a drug, it hooks you in and I just love the format.’

Mr Dymond is suspected to have died from suicide seven days after filming for the Jeremy Kyle Show. He had taken a lie detector test after being accused of cheating on his ex-fiancee Jane Callaghan, of Gosport, Hampshire.

The confrontational talk show, which was hugely popular and had been a regular fixture since 2005 in the daytime TV schedule, was subsequently axed for good following calls for it to be cancelled from MPs and members of the public.

Kyle returned to radio in September 2021 when he started presenting a show on talkRadio, but last night was his first time back on national TV – and he was photographed giving a thumbs up to the cameras as he left the studio.

Following the success of his TalkRadio show the father-of-five has been given his own television show featuring interviews, audience participation and breaking news – along with regular guests.

He will join Piers Morgan, who also launched new show Uncensored this week with guests including former President Donald Trump and world heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury. 

Kyle said: ‘I’ve thought about a big TV training regime, getting back to the gym, a personal trainer, intense diets, but then I saw Tyson Fury become the heavyweight champion of the world with a dad bod, so I reckon I’ll manage.

Jeremy Kyle pictured following his appearance on TalkTV show The Talk with Sharon Osbourne this week

Kyle enjoys a glass of wine after the launch of TalkTV last night, as he took part in the new debate programme The Talk

‘I like a bit of a walk, but not in the direction of a gym if I can avoid it. Really, I don’t care if I’m not a finely tuned athlete as long as we make a great TV show.’

Kyle appeared on TalkTV earlier this week as part of a new hour-long panel debate show The Talk, where five commentators with different backgrounds and views debate current affairs issues.

He and Sharon Osbourne were joined by fellow presenters Esther Krakue, Nicola Thorp and JJ Anisiobi on the panel and debated news topics such as Elon Musk buying Twitter, Prince Andrew and the ‘woke world of Disney’. 

Kyle added: ‘I’ve absolutely loved going back to my radio roots these past seven months.

‘It’s been a lot of hard work but a lot of fun too, interviewing everyone from Jacob Rees-Mogg to Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, but also speaking to listeners every day about the things that mean most to them.

‘The radio show has done really well but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to host my own TV show, too. That was the plan and it’s been something I’ve missed, but it had to be the right show at the right time with the right team.’

Former Jeremy Kyle Show guest Mr Dymond died of a morphine overdose and heart problem at his home in Portsmouth, a preliminary hearing was told in 2020.

At the time, coroner Jason Pegg said Jeremy Kyle had called Mr Dymond a ‘serial liar’ and said he ‘would not trust him with a chocolate button’.

The coroner said Kyle would be an interested party at the inquest because ‘he may have caused or contributed’ to Mr Dymond’s death.

A full inquest into his death was adjourned last month due to a family bereavement. 

A new date for the hearing is still to be fixed, but a coroner said it will likely not be until October 2022 at the earliest. 

In 2017, The Jeremy Kyle Show was labelled a ‘human form of bear baiting’ by a judge after a guest on the programme David Staniforth, 45, was convicted of assault for headbutting bus driver Larry Mahoney, 39, during a row on stage.

The presenter revealed that he ‘couldn’t bring himself to leave the house or even the curtains’ following the incident.  

He also detailed how many of those he had worked alongside had quickly distanced themselves when the show ended.

Kyle says viewers can expect ‘straight talking, big opinions and star bookings on his new show.

He adds: ‘If they’re making waves in the Press, in politics, in showbiz or sport, they will be on. But we won’t be all about bigwigs from Westminster or celebs on red carpets.

Kyle continued: ‘Sparks may fly but we won’t shy away from what people are really talking about and how they’re talking about it. The people that are the backbone of this country will be the most important people on my new TV show.’

Further details will be revealed in the coming weeks ahead of the show’s launch this summer. 

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