A HUGE gold nugget known as the Prince of Wales has sold at auction for more than £20,000.

Kerry Thackwell, 62, found the “monstrous” 30g treasure while prospecting with his dad in 1979.

It has sat untouched in a bank vault ever since.

Kerry said: “We knew straight away we’d found something special. It looked monstrous.

“I suppose I kept it for sentimental reasons.”

It is a pink-orange gold, squeezed up through the earth with copper deposits, only found in Wales.

It has now been bought at an auction in Cardiff by family-owned Welsh jewellery company Clogau.

Miner Kerry, of Marlow, Bucks, added: “My father and I are very, very pleased. It’s just mad.

“We both watched the entire sale online and couldn’t believe the price it went for!”

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