NORTH Korea and Russia could be in the beginning stages of a new "Axis of Evil" as their leaders plan to meet this week.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un will meet in the Russian port city of Vladivostok – and experts revealed said the meeting has the potential to cause trouble for the West.

International Relations expert Sergey Radchenko told The Sun if the meeting goes ahead as reported, it would be completely unexpected.

He said: "The issue at stake is whether North Korea sends weapons to Russia.

"If it does, it would be a relatively important development, with implications for the war in Ukraine."

Many have speculated about a new alliance which could form from the meeting, but Radchenko has said he is sceptical.


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He explained: "Stranger things have happened. Russia may deem that such a move would undermine its relations with South Korea and it's unclear how China would react.

"But Russia’s foreign policy has in fact become more radical, so a certain closing of ranks between Russia and North Korea is not to be ruled out."

The Moscow Times reported earlier this year that North Korea was selling artillery shells to Russia and building up its nuclear capability – a fear which has been echoed by US officials ahead of the upcoming meeting between leaders.

The White House has already warned that arms negotiations between North Korea and Russia are "actively advancing".

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The weapons produced by North Korea are compatible with Russia's Soviet-era munitions, experts have said.

Keir Giles, a research director with the Conflict Studies Research Centre, told The Sun the upcoming summit is a measure of Russia's new status.

He said: "Russia is desperate for weapons, and is casting around among its fellow rogue states, asking them all to be the dealer who will feed the Kremlin's habit.

"Putin could get more munitions to pummel Ukraine at the other end of Russia, seven time zones away, while North Korea could get weapons technology for its own aggressive plans in the Far East, or energy or food to boost its economy.

"Nobody wins except the people that want to bring the world crashing down."

North Korea has an estimated 6,500 tanks and nearly 3,000 MLRS rockets and roughly 30 nuclear warheads.

Russia on the other hand boasts 5,889 nuclear warheads, 12,500 tanks and almost 4,000 MLRS rockets.

But if Russia tries to buy ammunition from the hermit country, it would violate UN resolutions – which Russia agreed to.

And Giles pointed out both leaders are paranoid about their security: "Kim famously prefers not to travel by air – so it's convenient that there's a tiny strip of border between the two countries where he can cross into Russia by train."

The train Kim is reportedly taking to Russia is allegedly packed with vintage booze and strippers, it was revealed.

With 21 carriages, Kim's dark green train – with yellow piping – features tinted windows to obscure the identities of those on board the machine.

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Each carriage is completely bulletproof, making the train thousands of pounds heavier – and slower than average.

The train is estimated to reach a maximum speed of just 37mph, leaving even more time for North Korea’s leader and his guests to enjoy the trappings of his version of the Orient Express.

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