CHILLING footage shows how Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishop exposed himself as a child murderer with "rapid blinking" – 32 years before his conviction.

In 1986, nine-year-old pals Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway were found strangled in Wild Park near Brighton – just half a mile from their homes.

But Bishop escaped justice for 32 years after controversially being acquitted of the double murder in 1987.

The monster lapped up publicity after he was cleared – warning the double child killer was still at large.

He even vowed to "keep fighting" in sickening TV interviews and claimed the ordeal would stay with him for life.

The fiend then went on to kidnap and attempt to strangle a seven-year-old girl and left her for dead at Devil's Dyke.

Documentary Faking It on discovery+ has now explored the tell-tale signs that exposed Bishop's guilt in a TV interview in 1987 after he was cleared.

The child killer claimed he had "nothing to hide" but experts have revealed how this wasn't the case when asked if he had been in contact with Nicola's dad.

Bishop had known the girls’ families and sickeningly tried to cast doubt on Nicola's dad Barrie Fellows.

Despite giving a calm answer – claiming it was up to her family to speak to him – his breathing paints a different picture.

Body language expert Cliff Lansley says: "There’s an anxiety that’s beneath the surface and this is indicated by an increase in blink break.

"That means that he’s thinking hard, because blinking, when it increases in rate, is an indication of cognitive load.

“If we also watch his chest, we see an increase in upper chest breathing. Normally, when we’re comfortable, we breathe from the stomach. This is why on a polygraph, they have two straps, they have one around the abdomen, and one around the chest. And so they can determine if the breath changes, to the upper chest, which signals anxiety. 

“Now, we don't need a polygraph, because, we can watch that breathing, from the chest here, with the rise and fall of his clothing.  

"So, combined with rapid blinking and the upper chest breathing, we can be fairly confident that anxiety has increased at this point.”

Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both 9, were afraid of the dark and spoke of a "bogeyman" in the park when they vanished on October 9, 1986.

The pair had gone to buy chips and then made their way to Wild Park — part of the South Downs — half a mile from their homes where they played until dusk.

They were discovered the next day in a woodland den, with Karen lying across Nicola with her head in her friend's lap and their hands close together.

Post mortem results revealed both Karen and Nicola had bruising across their bodies and were strangled to death.

Their underwear had either been removed or changed and there was evidence they were both sexually assaulted.

Karen would have lost consciousness but death would not have been instant.

Nicola appeared to have been "punched or struck" on the cheek and there was evidence she had been sexually assaulted while alive and after she died.

Bishop later told a neighbour the vision of them lying across each other was a sight he would never forget.

And he gave harrowing details of the murder scene only the killer could have known – including how one of the girls had foam around her mouth.

In 2016, while serving life in prison for the horrific attack on the seven-year-old girl, he was questioned over the Babes in the Wood killings after a DNA breakthrough.

The documentary reveals how Bishop failed to hide his rage despite his lawyer repeatedly telling him to "keep calm".

Cliff Lansley says: "He’s seething. And how do we know that? One of the by-products of anger is muscle tension and the tensing of the fists, and we see that here with a double clench where he squeezes his hands tight.”

Bishop can be seen quickly unclenching his fists as he realises "I've got to be careful here".

Police know they finally have Bishop bang to rights after a blue Pinto jumper found near the scene revealed it was a "one-in-a-billion" DNA match to him.

But when asked why his DNA was also found on Karen, he gets angry again and protests his innocence before telling cops: "Well you’ve got me answer, so write it f***ing down and then move on, please."

Cliff Lansley says: "When he says ‘you’ve got the answer’ we’ve also got a little headshake ‘no.’ That’s a contradiction. 

“And the biggest give away is that single-sided shoulder shrug, which leaks the idea that he has no confidence and no connection to the affirmative statement that he’s making. 

"Because in its full extent, the hands will turn outwards, both shoulders will raise and sometimes the mouth will arch, as in ‘this is rubbish, I have no confidence in what I am saying. This is a lie.’

"We see it bubble out from this one shoulder. So, his words are claiming that you’ve got the answer ‘I didn’t touch her,’ but his body is shouting out that ‘yes he did’.”

Bishop went on trial for a second time in 2018 after the double-jeopardy law changed.

He was finally convicted of murdering Nicola and Karen in just two hours by jurors and caged until at least 2054 when he turns 88.

Bishop has now been told he is dying from brain cancer in jail and could have just weeks to live.

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