Hermes driver is sacked for flinging packages into his van while prancing around like ‘Strictly Come Dancing with parcels’

  • Stephen Nichols saw delivery man flinging parcels in Hornchurch, Essex
  • Said he was ‘quite happy breaking people’s s***’ and ‘at least it’s done in style’
  • Man gracefully flings packages into back of his van, in the clip from October 15
  • He approached Stephen for original clip and has been sacked by Hermes since 

A Hermes driver has been sacked after a video emerged of him performing a ‘Strictly Come Dancing with parcels’ by prancing and gracefully lobbing them into his van.

Stephen Nichols, from Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, was furious when he spotted the ‘disrespectful’ behaviour from the window of his e-cigarette shop in Hornchurch, Essex, on October 15.

He said: ‘It was like Strictly Come Dancing with parcels. He seemed to be quite enjoying his day but he was just launching the parcels up into the back of the van.’ 

A delivery man for Hermes was captured flinging parcels gracefully into the back of his van in Hornchurch, Essex, on October 15. He has since been sacked ‘due to his failure to abide by the strict handling standards we insist upon’

He decided to film the driver after noticing his careless behaviour before – which he claims shows the driver was ‘quite happy breaking people’s s***’ a couple of times a week. 

In the clip, the driver gracefully stretches his arm to the sky and flings parcels into the back of his van as though he is spinning a partner practising for a Strictly dance routine.  

He then skips over to the collection point and opens a draw and seems to take a parcel which looks similar to a box of shoes.

Moments later, he lobs it side-ways through the van’s back door. 

The Hermes driver glances over for a moment and unfolds his arm to sling another package inside the truck and glides back to the collection point.

At the end of the footage Stephen, 51, offers some consolation to Hermes customers and quips ‘look at the bright side – at least your stuff is getting f**ked up in style’. 

Stephen said: ‘Everybody is shocked. [Locals on Facebook] said they’re all angry because it explains why all their sh*t has been broken.   

He pranced across the pavement as he aimed packages into the back, in the clip filmed by Stephen Nichols who works in a vape shop opposite. Stephen said: ‘at least your stuff is getting f**ked up in style’

Stephen says everyone is ‘shocked’ by the delivery man’s behaviour and says it ‘explains why all their sh*t has been broken’

‘We’ve all had a delivery where what you’ve ordered is beaten to death and broken and bits missing where it’s fallen out of a knackered box.’  

Stephen Nichols (pictured) said the most shocking part was not receiving an official response from Hermes

Since the dad-of-three’s video went viral on social media he said the driver contacted him and claimed he lost his job. 

Stephen said he tagged Hermes in his posts but has received no official response. 

He said he was approached by the driver for the original clip.

He said the man was ‘very polite’ about it and claimed the parcels were ‘only clothes’.  

Despite the video reaching almost 17,000 views, the cameraman has received no official response from Hermes, according to Stephen. 

A Hermes spokesperson confirmed the agency driver is no longer working for the company ‘due to his failure to abide by the strict handling standards we insist upon’. 

They said the decision was taken immediately after watching the video.

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