A California dad became an accidental detective to his own son’s murder when he found a new clue, even as he feared the case was going cold.

Kris Meyer’s 27-year-old son Taylor was robbed and stabbed to death while celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday on a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in November. His wallet and shoes were stolen, and his body left in a park a block from the beach.

His father believes he was killed shortly after he withdrew money from an ATM.  Initial reports said one man was arrested and two other suspects were still on the lam, but the murder was never solved.

Now, the grieving dad may have found a new lead. He was closing out his son’s bank account in Claremont, Calif., when he noticed two transactions from Dec. 7, both at banks in Oklahoma City, NBC4 Los Angeles reported Saturday.

“The bad guys may have forced him to give up his pin number,” Meyer told the station.

Detectives recently released security photos of a man and a woman at a drive-through ATM in Oklahoma City trying to use Taylor Meyer’s credit card. It’s unclear how the two might be connected to his murder.

The photos were difficult for the dad to look at.

“Seeing the person that could potentially, either, he could have been involved in the murder or has connections to the people who were involved in the murder, it gave me a very eerie feeling,” Meyer told the outlet.

He continued: “I don’t wish this on anyone, it’s absolutely horrific.”

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