A 95-year-old woman has been left "totally incapacitated" after receiving two doses of the Covid vaccine just a day apart

Brenda Whalen has been unable to walk, talk, or eat for more than two weeks after receiving the vaccine overdose from North York General Hospital.

She received her required two doses of the vaccine in her Toronto retirement home in early March.

Yet fell drastically after being admitted to hospital with a leg injury and administered with a third dose only a day after receiving the second.

Her daughter Cynthia Whalen now fears that she will never "have a conversation with her again" as doctors struggle to confirm what treatment she needs.

Brenda had an asymptomatic infection of Covid-19 back in December, so this may all be a coincidence, they believe.

"(The hospital) said they tried calling the pharmacist at the home, but the shots are administrated not by the home, but through a hospital,” Cynthia explained to CTV News.

“They said that they checked there, but they couldn't get through, that nobody answered, or whatever was their reasoning for why they didn't find out she had the second shot and then they gave her the third.”

Cynthia said her mother was already in poor health before receiving the vaccine but that she became increasingly confused after each dose.

The third dose left her hospitalized with "no idea" of what is happening around her.

“They originally thought it was a stroke, but they've done scans and so forth, and there's nothing wrong that they can find,” Cynthia said.

“That's the problem. I get it, the hospital needs beds, so there's nothing that they can do at this point to help her.”

Cynthia adds that her mother is going to need help feeding herself and taking her medication once she is released from hospital.

The increased care could cost the family a further $8,000 a month, she claimed.

It is not clear if the 95-year-old received three doses of the same vaccine or if the third dose was from another maker.

The maker of the first two doses she received is also not clear.

Canada has currently approved the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines.

The hospital was contacted for comment but has said that "privacy and patient confidentiality obligations" prevent it from issuing a statement.

A 91-year-old Ohio man was also hospitalized last month after he received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine on the same day.

Victor Smith went into shock after mistakenly receiving the extra dose.

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