A GOOGLE Earth superfan was left stunned after spotting a remote Pacific island in the perfect shape of a penis.

Idyllic Google Earth pics show the massive member bordered by clear blue sea and covered with lush greenery, prompting Joleen Vultaggio, 50, to joke: "I'd love to sit on that d**k."

Joleen, from Detroit, Michigan, couldn't believe her eyes when she was having a scroll around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and discovered the saucy island.

The mum-of-two, who co-founded a Facebook group for Google Earth superfans, marked the coordinates of her startling discovery and shared it with other explorers, who found it hilarious and dubbed it "Penis Island".

At more than 500 metres long, the X-rated find is located within the tropical Trinity Islands off the coast of French-owned New Caledonia, Oceania.

"I was looking around the Trinity Islands and it just popped up and I thought 'wow, that really looks like an uncircumcised penis'," Joleen said.

"I had to drop the pin on the map right away, so people know I didn't just stick that image through Photoshop or create it myself.

"I shared it so people could pull up the coordinates and see it with their own eyes that it's physically there and it really does look like a penis.

"The water looks blue and beautiful and I'd love the area to be closer to me.

"I'd love to go and travel there and sit on the d**k.

"I didn't go and measure how big it is, but considering it's in the middle of the ocean it's a pretty big penis.

"I was scrolling round thinking, if there's the penis, where's the vagina?

"We've found those too, but they're more rock formations. It's interesting to see what the world has on it."

The closest land mass to Joleen's cheeky sighting is the Trinity Island of Ouvea, which has a population of 3,400 and is known for its idyllic beaches.

Joleen spends her time finding images of living organisms in rock formations and land masses and her Facebook community allows her to share those with the world.


The unemployed mum-of-three lives with her two youngest sons Nicholas Vultaggio, 22, and Anton Vultaggio, 20 – but she hasn't shown them her naughty discovery just yet.

"My kids think I'm nuts sometimes when I show them things, so I haven't shown them this," she said.

"They'd probably laugh though and give me an eye roll."

Sharing the images to fellow Google Earth enthusiasts, she simply captioned the pic: "Uncircumcised?"

Superfans flocked to laugh at the phallic island, with one joking: "There isn't a girl that size."

Another coined the land mass, saying: "D**k Island?"

It's not the first rude discovery on Google Earth.

An enormous drawing of a penis appeared on the playing field of a school in Aberdeenshire, Scotland – big enough to be seen from space.

The massive member was spotted in a satellite image on Google maps at Mackie Academy.

In Sweden, pictures of a large penis and breasts were discovered on the roofs of two homes on Google Earth.

The illustrations were discovered two years after the apartment blocks were completed – leaving homeowners baffled about who painted the X-rated images.

Information about the images being spotted on Google Earth was first raised on a local Facebook group, before being published by a Swedish tabloid.

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