A GIRL allegedly sexually abused by her mother's fiancé sent a series of heartbreaking coded letters to her dad, it's claimed.

Nine-year-old Sophie, from Texas, is at the centre of a bitter custody battle between her 41-year-old dad, who lives in Seguin, and her 34-year-old mom, of Frisco.

And after a video of the little girl telling her grandmother she'd been abused went viral, court documents reveal the dad communicates with his daughter in code.

The pair use 'daisies' or 'dandelions' for danger, and 'pens' to mean there was fighting at home, DailyMail.com reports.

Sophie's dad and mom got divorced in July 2015 – but their acrimonious split has dragged on for five years.

Custody was initially evenly split between the two.

However, eventually a judge awarded custody to the mom, who took the children to live more than 200 miles away from their father.

Last month, footage was recorded of Sophie screaming and alleging abuse against her mom's new fiancé.

It then went viral, inspiring social media campaign Stand with Sophie.

But last week, a judge allowed the little girl and her two brothers to return to their mother – and have weekend visits with their dad.


And now details of the code between Sophie and her dad have been made public – as it was revealed the dad and daughter referred to her mom's fiancé as 'Mr Jake'.

In one exchange, Sophie said he had taken away her iPad for a week because "I wouldn't stop crying".

Another spoke of her mother's anger over the dad recording a conversation between them and says 'Mr. Jake' had told the children their father was brainwashing them.

In others, Sophie spoke of how much she loved and missed her father.

She also begged him to send her stamps and envelopes so they could continue exchanging letters.

The notes are part of a cache of court documents, which also allege Sophie said she'd been touched by her mother's fiancé.

The little girl reportedly told her stepmother that 'Mr. Jake and his friends touch her sometimes and she doesn't like it.'

According to the reports, Sophie was then tested for sexually transmitted diseases and treated for a bacterial infection.

The stepmother also told doctors that Sophie had asked her what it was like to be pregnant.

Documents also note that both parents have a history of calling Child Protective Services to make complaints about the other.

It also said none of the previous complaints to CPS have been substantiated, including the allegations of domestic violence.

Police have launched an investigation into the allegations.

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