A FURIOUS cab driver yelled "Some people have to get to hospital!" at eco-vandals as they blocked the road and emergency services with protest chaos.

Just Stop Oil protestors sparked anger among motorists this morning when they blockaded a road, and one cab driver was seen hauling a man off the street as shouted at him for blocking the route.

Activists defaced a Aston Martin showroom with spray paint while others superglued themselves to the road – blocking multiple emergency service vehicles and potentially risking lives.

The angry cabbie shouted: "Some people have to get to hospital!" as he tried to force his way through the chaos.

Another yelled: "People have got f****** work to go to.

Someone else screamed: "People are trying to go to hospital!"

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A pregnant 19-year-old protestor, Chloe Thomas told the Daily Mail: "I'm 15 weeks pregnant this week. Today, we're out here on the road together, demanding no new oil.

"How do I explain to my daughter in the years to come where the animals went, where the culture went, where the beauty went, why there are no bees and why I can't put food in her tummy?

"You know it's bad, don't you? As citizens, as humans, as parents and children we have a responsibility and a right under British law to protect ourselves and those we love."

David Kearns, another eco-campaigner part of the protest said: "'I can not stand by and allow this government to continue destroying everything we love for the sake of nothing but profit."

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The 45-year-old musician continued: "'The climate crisis is a product of greed, just as the cost of living crisis is a product of greed and I will not comply with a system that puts profits before the people and the planet."

This comes after a van driver clashed with eco-idiot protesters for stopping him from visiting his ill wife in hospital.

Activists were seen being dragged from Shoreditch High Street just before midday as the van driver shouted: "My missus is not well, she needs to get to a hospital, get out of the way, she's not well, get out of the way."

"Have some respect for other people and not just yourselves, yeah? There's other people that need to get places," he continued.

Terrified passers-by watched as the desperate man reversed his navy blue van back and forward towards the protestors.

Just hours before the eco-mob descended on the London streets today, Suella Braverman labelled the activists "thugs" who are "wildly irresponsible, idiotic, and risking lives."

Ms Braverman said: "Preventing our emergency services from reaching those who desperately need them is indefensible, hideously selfish and in no way in the public interest."

She has also blasted the MET Police and said:  "I expect the Metropolitan Police to do a better job of cracking down on these thugs and vandals – as does the public."

The MP slammed Just Stop Oil's "so-called protestors" who have joined with vegan cause, Animal Rebellion in their demonstrations.

Animal Rebellion activists have poured milk over meat counters in luxury shops such as Fortnum and Mason in a string of protests across the last week.

On Saturday 26 arrests were made, in a statement an officer said: "Police were quickly on scene after protesters blocked roads in the Shoreditch area around 12:15hrs today, Saturday, 15 Oct.

"Several individuals 'locked on' & glued themselves onto the road surface.

"Specialist officers were required to attend to carry out debonding.

"Twenty-six arrests were made for wilful obstruction of the highway. Roads were quickly opened & traffic back to normal."

Just the day before, two Just Stop Oil activists, Anna Holland and Phoebe Plummer were arrested after they chucked tomato soup over Van Gogh's famous Sunflowers painting.

This comes ahead of the Public Order Bill returning to Parliament this week – a proposition that the government hopes will make police power more efficient when dealing with protestors.

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The bill includes increasing stop and search powers, and allowing secretaries of state to apply for injunctions when protests are causing 'serious disruption or a serious adverse impact on public safety'. 

Ms Braverman said: "This serious and dangerous disruption, let alone the vandalism, is not a freedom of expression, nor a human right. It must stop."

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